Introducing... Miss Della

...The stars shine on the ceiling and glitter rains down on Miss Della’s brown curls. She dances in time to soft sounds and her unwavering spirit fills the room. Time stands still as Miss Della shares her magic — today it’s glitter and butterflies. Everyone is together here and now; love conquers all...

The newest print from Mrs Mighetto is absolutely stunning, just as we have come to expect from the talented Swedish art duo. But she is also different than any other print they have ever created before... because Miss Della is real. "We love imagination and everything about our invented world and none of our previous characters have been based on a real person. It felt wonderful and also very frightening..."

Della was born with cerebral palsy. It was detected before she was born. Della understands and feels so much, but has never been able to speak or walk. Della’s time with her mother and father is limited. Her time with her siblings is limited. Della is one of thousands of children who are born with various disorders. She is a symbol for families that live in constant worry about their unwell child — fears that are impossible to comprehend — but, above all, that live with indescribable love for their own miracle.

Created with beautiful hearts Miss Della brings light to this condition with SEK 25 (Euro 2,5) per each poster sold goes directly to The Swedish Brain Foundation (Hjärnfonden) and its work in the area of brain disease, injury and disability. You can support this beautiful cause and purchase your own Limited Edition Miss Della print over at The Gathered Store.