Creative Showcase - Dear Plastic

Creating stunning works in paper, Yumi and Taka, the two creative minds behind Dear Plastic started working together in 2009. Interested in the power and beauty of nature, they began a quest to inspire an eco friendly, sustainable practice...

The duo came together from very different backgrounds, Yumi from Art and Education, and Taka from Engineering and Design. "Our collaboration began naturally, artworks for friends, small installations for shops, kids craft parties and workshops at galleries."

After some time off in 2011, to travel the world in search of inspiration, Yumi and Taka returned to Melbourne where they are now based. They then settled into not only creating for their own brand Dear Plastic, but working on collaborations with others.

Earlier this year they were commissioned to create watercolour crystals and crowns, to feature in the collaboration between Papier Mache and Cotton On Kids. The outcome is a world filled with pale neon hues, their beautiful works enhancing this already wonderful colab.

Dear Plastic continues to create beautiful handmade pieces of art, many of which you can buy from their Online Store. Working mainly with watercolours and paper, they strive not for perfection, but to show the beauty in the handmade.

We asked the clever duo a few questions about what makes Dear Plastic tick...
What do you enjoy most about creating hand made pieces for Dear Plastic?
Always working with our hands and our ideas! It's really exciting to create something from nothing and seeing where our imagination will take us.

You work a lot with paper, what is that draws you this medium?
Paper is such a basic and accessible medium for everyone. We love the dual beauty of paper. It can express both fragility and strength at the same time.

What inspires you most?
Creativity, imagination, nature.
If you were a kid in Melbourne where is the first place you'd go?
Collingwood Children's Farm.

What do you miss most about being a kid?
Exploring our own neighbourhoods and feeling like it was the biggest adventure ever!
If Dear Plastic were to build a castle on a mountain top, what would it look like?
We couldn't decide on one, so drew a town of mountains and castles!