Creative Showcase - Laura Blythman

Filled with colour and packed with fun, the work of Melbourne based Laura Blythman is sure to make you smile. By finding the perfect harmony between beauty and quirk, Laura creates little escapes from a grey day that will brighten any wall...

Well known for her vibrant, hand-drawn style Laura uses various techniques to create her work, and over the years has collaborated with the likes of Mini & Beau, Mr Wolf, and La De Dah Kids. "I feel like I’ve designed and illustrated for a pretty broad range of things. There are still A LOT of things on my wish list though. The dream is to create them under my own brand and occasionally through awesome collaborations with ace labels that I admire. Bedding, ceramics, soft furnishings, books... dreams."

We asked Laura about herself and what inspires her beautiful work...
What do you love most about what you do?
I love that I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I feel pretty lucky and I know I am on the right path. I'm excited about the things I’ll make and do in the future!

I also love that my work makes people happy, that they love to surround themselves with it in their homes. I love making smiles. I know that what I do won’t save the world. But smiles are still pretty good!

What inspires your work?
This is always a hard question, because it’s actually a pretty unconscious thing. It’s just what I do, images get in my head and stay there for a while until I get them out on paper. Sometimes inspiration comes from colour, nature, music, friends, daydreaming or even just getting out my boxes and trays full of painted paper scraps and making things up as I go!

Colour plays an important part in your work. What is your favourite medium to work in to ensure the colours are vibrant?
Colour makes me so, so happy, I surround myself with it, in my work and my home (not clothing through, very monotone there!) When I’m creating new work I decide on a colour palette first. Always. And to create my washy, painty papers (before cutting them up into a million pieces) I use a mix of watercolour and acrylic paints. I can’t get away from neon pink and peach lately. I’m loving using gold and copper leaf as an accent too.

If you were a kid in Melbourne, where is the first place you'd go?
I’d demand to be taken on a leaf kicking, flower smelling, green hill rolling, Park and Gardens Crawl. Definitely including Heide. In Autumn. Oh and Collingwood children's farm too. Because animals.

What was the best thing about being a kid?
Everything. Not a worry in the world, no sense of time, getting lost in your imagination, being totally brave and never embarrassed.

If you were to make the ultimate ice cream sundae what would it be and what would it look like?
It would be chocolate flavoured everything, but colourful like a rainbow with edible glitter and a never-ending supply of chocolate topping.