Creative Showcase - Mrs Mighetto

Mrs Mighetto is the work of a delightful pair called Malin and Anna. They sell beautiful original watercolour paintings that are packed full of fantasy, history, mystery and colour. Once sold out, their gorgeous prints are gone forever, never coming back. So it is crucial that you jump in quick when you spy a creation you like...

We caught up with the ladies behind this amazing brand to find out what makes them tick...
What lead you to start Mrs Mighetto?
Mrs Mighetto was founded last autumn and it came about like a non-resistant project, or hobby if you wish, a very time-consuming hobby, like playing golf. We couldn’t resist giving it a shot and we had so much feeling for the products so we just had to do it.

What do you love most about what you do?
For Malin that is the most easy question. She loves to paint, its her gift and passion. For Anna its creating something new. To move forward and do things that make an impression. We both love to do this together, the hard work, the late nights and off course the happiness when retailers and customers like what we do. That is the great joy of all.

What inspires your illustrations?
We find inspiration everywhere. The less time consuming inspiration is comes from the internet, like Pinterest, Instagram, blogs etc. But also from travels (when you finally leave the office) from interior & fashion magazines, TV, films and books (great inspiration makes your imagination grow). I think its a tricky question, because often you just don't know where the ideas come from - they just come to you.

Where is your favourite place to shop for kids in Sweden?
The shops that sell our prints, our retailers are the ones we love the most. But also Sprall, Krabat, Uni, Bofinken and H&M...

What was the best thing about being a kid?
Do you remember when you were with Mom and Dad away at a dinner and you fell asleep on the couch? When you fell asleep to the sounds of adult conversation and then to be carried from the couch into the car and then from the car to the bed. I remember having this nice warm feeling just continuing to sleep and to feel extra pampered by your parents.

But also we will add Saturday candy - what a great thing! Adult should have it too. Not whenever you like, only on Saturday's. What is so special about candy otherwise?! And one more... Birthdays! They where so much fun when you were a kid!

If you were to make the ultimate cupcake what flavour would it be?
We have agreed on caramel, nuts, vanilla and chocolate.