Creative Showcase - Mulga The Artist

Sydney based Mulga The Artist creates unforgettable artworks of the things he loves to draw; bearded zombies, zombie beards, and magical creatures with laser beam eyes. Originally Mulga worked in economics and finance, until he realised that making art was much more fun. And with a multitude of successful exhibitions under his belt, he has definitely made the right decision.

Working from his dining room table and taking inspiration from wild and wacky characters, Mulga plays with combining textured shapes, with solid hues, bold colours, and of course his signature intricate line work

Mulga is also incredibly clever with words, creating poems that sit alongside his art, adding even more depth and intrigue to his already engaging work. He is currently working on a children's book about a gang of creatures that live in a beard, and with his clever word play and illustrations, this is definitely one book to look out for.

If you love Mulga as much as we do, you are probably wondering where you can buy a little bit of Mulga magic.... Art prints and adult printed tees are available from his online shop and he also sells these, plus mini tees at various markets throughout Sydney.
We think the world is all the more richer now that his happy bearded zombies are gracing our walls, quietly scanning you with their lazer beam eyes.

We asked Mulga a few questions about what got him creating these unusual characters...
What did you like to draw when you were a kid?
Muscle men and Simpsons characters.
How and when did you create your artistic alter ego 'Mulga the Artist'?
In year 6 at school I recited Banjo Patterson’s poem “Mulga Bill’s Bicycle”. From that moment on the other children referred to me as Mulga and it became my nickname.

What inspired your signature style?
My love of contrast and intricate and repetitive lines and patterns. Also I added in various aspects from many different artists from around the world of which I admire their artworks.
Have you always been fascinated by beards?
Not always, but from the time I have had the great fortune to grow the hair on the face I have enjoyed to discuss the various styles of facial hair fashion with other facial hair aficionados. It has only been in the last few years I realised the importance of beards in the community and the good that they do. They add to the rich fabric of society and the world would be an unbalanced place without them.

If you were to dye your beard, what colour would you make it?
The colour of Lemon Sorbet because it is a delicious flavour and because I would look like a white beard wizard like Gandalf after he came back from the dead, I would try to grow it to be as long as my body like Gandalf did.

If you were a zombie, what would you look like?
If i was a zombie I would have laser beams shooting out of my zombie beard and fireballs on my tongue and a black cowboy hat with a rainbow feather in it and i would drool because that's what you do when you are a zombie.
Can you draw us a picture...

All images courtesy of Mulga The Artist except the hero image, which is courtesy of Kieran Moore Photography.