Lulu and Bing

We are a big lover of art for children’s bedrooms and over the years we have featured countless paintings and screen prints that have made us swoon. But it is not often we stumble across photographic prints for little people that blow our sox off...

This gorgeous debut collection of photographic prints comes to us from Creative Director Emma Main and Photographer Olivia Hemus for their new company, Lulu and Bing. And if you’re wondering about the name, it comes from their childhood nicknames – Olivia was ‘Lulu’ and Emma ‘Bing’.

Photographed by Olivia and composed and styled by Emma, the first series is called ’Float’ and includes eight prints that centre around the modest balloon and it’s placement within contrasting urban jungles.

Each original photograph draws on a playful composition within a contemporary environment.

Lulu and Bing use premium printing processes on the highest quality archival photographic paper for all their prints.

They look stunning framed and hanging on nursery walls and offer a nice point of difference to your typical piece of children’s wall art.

Head over to the Lulu and Bing website to shop the range.

17 Aug 2015