'My Happy Place' - Nynne Rosenvinge

Nynne Rosenvinge is a Danish artist who makes extremely beautiful illustrations and paintings which are characterised by being quite minimalistic, often non-figurative and contemporary. They always feature serene colours and pretty details that make them a sweet addition to any space...

We are so proud to have an original artwork from Nynne Rosenvinge as part of our 'My Happy Place' Art Exhibition in support of the Dandelion Support Network.

We caught up with Nynne to find out more about the gorgeous piece she has created to support this important cause...
What inspires you?
It sounds like a cliché, but basically everything. It could be my daughter’s pastel coloured drawings, simple graphic street art or patterned fabric from a piece of clothing.

How did you develop your signature style?
I am not sure, actually. I have often been told that my style is very characteristic but I do not seek to make only one expression but somehow, I always end up creating something which is very “Nynne-ish.

What do you love most about being an artist?
I love the freedom of expressing myself creatively and the fact that I am actually making a living of what I love to do, is even better.

What do fine most rewarding about using your art for a good cause?
It is of course quite fulfilling to create something that makes other people happy. And hopefully my contribution will generate a profit that can help kids in need.

What was your favourite thing to do as a kid?
I just loooved to create all kinds of objects. My first “creation” was in 5th grade when I made bracelets for my friends in school.

What is your 'happy place'?
My happy place - or rather my happy moment - is when I am together with my daughter. I enjoy just lying next to her when she tells me about her day. She always makes me laugh and touches my heart - that is my happy place…

Check out more of Nynne's gorgeous artwork over on her website.

To get your hands on this amazing print created exclusively for the show (as seen above in the hero image) head along to One Fine Baby Sydney from 14-15 November or head over to The Gathered Store.