'My Happy Place' - Papermint Studio

When it comes to statement monochrome prints, Papermint Studio is where it is at. A delightful brand from Auckland, New Zealand, the wonderful Otis from Papermint is set on showing the world just how cool paper can be, one quirky design at a time. We are very flattered to have an original artwork from Papermint Studio in the 'My Happy Place' Art Exhibition in support of the Dandelion Support Network...

We recently caught up with the creator to find out more about her beautiful design...
What inspires you?
The nature of New Zealand, children’s books illustrations, art and music. And my two wonderful kids of course!

How did you develop your signature style?
As you can tell, my works are quite quirky and bold. I always start my artwork with a simple geometric shape and just build things onto it. I love to experience with different texture and medium.

I don’t scan and trace my drawings, so most of the final work looks quite different from my original thoughts. It often surprises me at the end... And that’s the part of the fun!

What do you love most about being an artist?
I think I just love making things and express myself through my artworks. It makes my day to just imagine these little artworks I made are hanging in some other kids' rooms or putting a smile on someone’s face.

What do fine most rewarding about using your art for a good cause?
It’s about doing what I enjoy and helping others at the same time.
What was your favourite thing to do as a kid?
I liked drawing different characters and makeing up stories for each of them.

What is your 'happy place'?
My true happy place is deep inside: a mini concert in an open field filled with my cute little characters. It’s somewhere I can rest and feel warm and relaxed. It’s full of art and inspiration.

Check out more of Papermint's gorgeous artwork over on her website.

To get your hands on this amazing print created exclusively for the show head along to One Fine Baby Sydney from 14-15 November or head over to The Gathered Store.