Paper Plants

Plants don't get enough respect as vibrant, zaney sci-fi monsters. They pre-date humans and most definitely partied with the dinosaurs long ago...

Alas, we are totally into these papery Dr Suess-esque paper plants from artist duo Adam Frezza and Terry Chiaozza. Mixing a little wild with nature, these sculptures portray a fantastical plant life... all made from good ole’ paper mache.

With vibrant colours, fascinating textures and odd-ball shapes these plastered plants were inspired by the parallels between horticulture and art-making.

These fictional plant forms read like three-dimensional botanical illustrations in an everyday landscape from outer space, or from a pre-historic time when all of the earth’s organisms were finding their place.

Adam Frezza and Terry Chiaozza have been working together since 2011, “exploring play and craft across a range of media” ... which includes not only these crazy plants, but also a range of other absurd creations.

See more of their work here.