Through a hole in the mountain

If a blessing of winged unicorns ever commissioned an artist to design their city, it would definitely be Pip & Pop...

Saturated with bright coloured lines, linear mountain ranges and punchy pathways, this fantastical world created by Pip & Pop is beyond vibrant. A playful paradise fit for the most hyperactive of unicorns.

Pip & Pop’s latest installation is titled ‘Through a hole in the mountain’ and was part of the mt factory tour in kurashiki, Okayama. Made entirely from washi tape from Japan, it is an indulgent treat for the visually inclined. Even more impressive than the surge of neon you are struck with on entry, is the fact that the washi tape was designed by Pip & Pop themselves especially for this very project.

After stepping a mere pinkie toe inside the walls of this psychedelic rainbow town, you will be instantly transported to a magical utopia unlike anywhere else. The mind will be completely blown.

If you are intrigued with the ‘Hole in the Mountain’, you might want to check out an earlier feature on Pip & Pop’s ‘Candy Land’ ’ masterpiece.