The World of Anne-Valérie Dupond

Artist Anne-Valérie Dupond creates incredible sculptures from recovered fabrics, needle and thread. Based in Besançon, a delightful little town in the east of France, Anne-Valérie uses the small moments of time while her three children are at school to create her amazing pieces...

Anne-Valérie's distinctive work has been shown all around the world and she has collaborated with some high profile fashion houses such as Kenzo, Le Printemps and Comme des Garçons. She also worked with Seven Hotel Paris on their Alice Room, creating the soft sculptures and trophies for the room.

We asked Anne-Valérie about her wonderful creations...
What first inspired you to start working with fabric?
The idea of making a stuffed toy, a comforter for a baby. Moreover it’s flexible, soft and within easy reach.

You often depict animals in your work, what is it about them that interests you?
When I was young I used to collect cuddly toys. I loved those. I wanted to turn it into a job. I wanted to make teddy bears. I’m interested in the link with the inner child.

The personification of animals is also an interesting ground for me. By analogy, the human traits match with those of animals. On the same principle I love to give human expressions to my animals. That says a lot on humanity.

You have collaborated with some impressive brands such as fashion houses Kenzo and Comme des Garçons. What is it about your work that lends itself so well to fashion?
I don’t know. I think my work inspires designers because it’s about couture but it’s not. The raw aspect of my style opens up possibilities, brings some freedom. I am not a trained seamstress. I’m making sculpture from fashion design.

If you were a kid in Paris, where is the first place you'd go?
The Botanical Gardens of Paris! The menagerie, the paleontological museum, the Grand Hall, the gardens… everything!

What was your favourite thing to do on a rainy day when you were a kid?
Watching movies. Or disguising myself with girlfriends. I had a ton of old dresses, fabric, curtains… a real treasure trove. This is also a good answer to the first question!

If you were to create the ultimate animal what would it be?
I would create a real bear... an animal which is not represented in my work.