The Mountains

We have mountains of love for the beautiful illustrations of Sarah Goodreau. They are always full of rich colours and gorgeous textures that make them beam from the walls like no other. This is one of our favourite mountain themed works, but you can see her full portfolio over on her website.

17 Oct 2015
art and design

The World of Vero Escalante

Step inside the world of Vero Escalante, a freelance Illustrator/Art Director from Buenos Aires. It’s a beautiful world filled with bright colours, curious characters and brilliant design...

As we sit admiring these stunning images we can't help but wish our walls were filled with these wonderful pieces. Each creation has gorgeous composition and layer upon layer of intricate detail that completely arrests your attention and takes you to another place.

Vero has worked with creative agencies and some amazing brands around the world including Disney. You can explore more of her work and purchase online over on her website. Enjoy!

27 Sep 2015
art and design


If you can’t get down to the woods today we recommend doing the very next best thing… stare longingly into one of these magical prints from Faunascapes...

Get lost in a great escape far-far away from the big city lights and the hustle and bustle of the big smoke. Whether you love bunny rabbits, foxes, raccoons or owls there is an adorable animal option waiting to transport into an afternoon of wanderlust and escapism.

The prints come in traditional offset frames, or in our new favourite format, printed straight onto plywood. These look fantastic hanging in a nursery or little kid’s bedroom and are perfect for boys and girls with an adventurous spirit.

Head over to the Faunascapes website to find out more.

26 Aug 2015
art and design

Seaside Spirit

Today’s to do list: Grow a beard and go fishing. These super cool prints from a Seaside Spirit have certainly sparked our passion for boats and cool dudes that sail them...

Adrian Macho is the 33 year old graphic designer and illustrator behind the brand, Seaside Spirit. Hailing from the small Slovak town of Macov, which translates to "Bear Village", he was raised "among the sketches and pastels."

We love his work and think it is absolutely perfect for little boys’ rooms. Masculine, adventurous and slightly old fashioned, we love the vibe these prints bring to a world overloaded with lots of cute and pretty stuff for kids.

Check out more of Adrian’s work over on his website.

23 Aug 2015
art and design

Lulu and Bing

We are a big lover of art for children’s bedrooms and over the years we have featured countless paintings and screen prints that have made us swoon. But it is not often we stumble across photographic prints for little people that blow our sox off...

This gorgeous debut collection of photographic prints comes to us from Creative Director Emma Main and Photographer Olivia Hemus for their new company, Lulu and Bing. And if you’re wondering about the name, it comes from their childhood nicknames – Olivia was ‘Lulu’ and Emma ‘Bing’.

Photographed by Olivia and composed and styled by Emma, the first series is called ’Float’ and includes eight prints that centre around the modest balloon and it’s placement within contrasting urban jungles.

Each original photograph draws on a playful composition within a contemporary environment.

Lulu and Bing use premium printing processes on the highest quality archival photographic paper for all their prints.

They look stunning framed and hanging on nursery walls and offer a nice point of difference to your typical piece of children’s wall art.

Head over to the Lulu and Bing website to shop the range.

17 Aug 2015
art and design

Broken Liquid

The ocean is an amazing ball of energy, which quite frankly we could never live without. She roars and thunders, barrels and churns. She picks you up when you are feeling down and refreshes you when you are all sweaty and hot. She calms you when you are feeling nervous and brings you down to earth with a humbling tumbling when you are feeling a little cocky!

Yes, we are children of the ocean and that is why we absolutely adore these concrete and glass sculptures from Broken Liquid. Raised in Waihi Beach, New Zealand now residing in Sydney, Australia, Ben Young is a self-taught artist who has been making glass sculpture for over 10 years.

Being a keen surfer and boatbuilder by trade, Ben was inspired to capture the perfection and raw power of the sea. It’s hard to believe that each of his beautiful sculptures are hand drawn, hand cut and handcrafted, layer on layer to create the end product. There is no high-tech equipment involved at all.

A craftsman in every sense of the word, Ben Young is available for collaboration and commissioned pieces. You can get in touch with him via his website .

13 Aug 2015
art and design

This Ship Has Sailed

Half the fun of sailing the seven seas is picking the most magnificent ship to carry you on your journey. We’ve got our eyes on this nautical beauty spotted on Pax and Heart’s Instagram page. This gorgeous screen print is called This Ship Has sailed and we think it would look perfect hung high in a little sailor’s room.

11 Aug 2015
art and design

Frankie Says...

Simon might say ‘Hands on Heads’ but our friend Frankie says ‘Don’t give up on your day dream’! No offense Simon, but after discovering these gorgeous prints from New Zealand based print label, Frankie Says, we kinda think what she is saying sounds way more fun!

Beautiful muted shades mix perfectly with simple shapes to bring a touch of Scandinavia to your little one’s nursery. Perfectly simple these striking pieces are anything but boring and are sure to be treasured by you and your little one for years to come.

Frankie Says has a magnificent Etsy Store full of gorgeous art prints, all ready to purchase and hang – it is a must see for art-loving parents. So if that sounds like you, you can teleport yourself to it right here.

09 Aug 2015
art and design

The Art of Cat Lee

If you’re looking to take your little one’s room from blah to blahdy amazing, we suggest a piece of art. A colourful canvas hanging on the wall will totally transform the space and bring it to life with character energy and creativity. Right now we are loving these bright pieces from Australian artist Cat Lee...

Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, her work is often described as whimsical, light-hearted and feminine: “I enjoy the combination of abstract and realism; conveying a dance between the world of my imagination and my interpretation of what I see.” explains Cat.

We’ve always loved animals and having grown up around all types of fury friends from lambs, piglets, chickens and pups we aren’t surprised we have fallen so hard for these gorgeous artworks. Now which one to choose!

Head over to Cat Lee’s website to browse more of her wonderful work.

27 Jul 2015
art and design


All hail the Goddess of the Sun, who bathes us with her light and warms us with her rays. If we had it our way we would follow her travels year round, soaking up the UV like a pair of human solar panels. You guessed it, we are sun worshippers. Which is why we need one of these Sunshrines in our house S_T_A_T. Sunshrine is a stunning creation made by Mark Giglio – a designer, illustrator and photographer living in Oakland, California.

16 Jul 2015
art and design