Scott Albrecht

High fives and crazy eyes, our attention was immediately captured when we stumbled over the amazing work of Scott Albrecht. We were particularly taken by these epic hand designs and colourful paper collages…

Made with acrylic on wood, each pair of palms comes with a striking monochrome design that is guaranteed to jump off your walls. While the gorgeous collages are made using nothing but paper.

Scott Albrecht is based in Brooklyn, NY and is an active member of The Gowanus Studio Space. His work incorporates elements of woodworking, hand-drawn typography and geometric collage using vintage printed ephemera and found objects. Head over to his website to get lost in more of his work.

14 Jul 2015
art and design

Lord of the Masks

We love the work of Camille Chew for a range of reasons – they are colourful, intricate and culturally rich. But we think what really warms our cockles is the originality of her concepts...

Each of her illustrations channels a fierce tribal vibe. With fearsome witches and brave warriors, each piece tells a story. Some almost feel like found artefacts celebrating the ways of life of an ancient tribe.

Camille is a graduate of Alfred University and is now based in Ithaca, NY. An illustrator obsessed with bright colours and patterns and making masks, there is a lot to admire about the work of this talented individual.

Head over to Camille’s website to see more, buy and browse her world of inspiration.

13 Jul 2015
art and design

Jango Jim

He likes comics, coffee & tea, cookies, photography, movies, books, toy robots, arcade games, 20's jazz music, machines & old cities, freak shows, fairgrounds, old museums, wooden things, full-time daydreaming, the sound of crisps when you eat them. His name is Jagojim. He is a self-taught artist from Antwerp, and these are his drawings...

With so much positivity and inspiration radiating from within there is no wonder why his illustrations are so damn fine. Absolutely bursting at the seems with colour and charisma each unique dreamscape fills your eyeballs with complete happiness.

When he was a little boy Dimitri (his real name) drew a lot, and everyone told him not to become a professional artist. But over the years his big kid heart got the better of him and he finally succumbed to the urge to create and draw for real. And we are so glad he did.

See more of his work Jagojim.

12 Jul 2015
art and design


We’ve got a one-way ticket to Joyville with your name on it. Step aboard and let your imagination run wild with these daring designs from artist and maker, Yeka Haski, and you will never want to step back into reality...

Bright, veracious and full of fun, these crazy illustrations are beyond cool. Their creator, Yeka Haski is a Russian artist known for her fun illustrations, computer graphics, sculpture and sewing. It truly seems like everything she touches radiates good vibes and joy.

See more for yourself here.

07 Jul 2015
art and design

Anorak TV

Lights, camera, action! The very cool makers of Anorak – The Happy Magazine for Kids – have branched out into TV. Happy TV is packed with 20 minutes of visually rich, colourful, fun entertainment, which invites children to feed their imagination whilst learning...

The first episode includes animated stories, travel adventures, interviews with artists such as Rob Flowers and Malarky, drawing sessions with Marcus Oakley and Thomas Slater, a joke off competition and more! It is aimed at boys and girls 3+. Check it out for yourself here.

05 Jul 2015

A Moon on your Wall

With their giant circular forms and space-age hues of grey and black, one look at these gorgeous creations Inkah Art and you will feel like you have landed on the moon...

Each print is released to the market in a limited run of 50 by creator Jacqui Mac. Ms Mac started following her creative instincts when she was pregnant, mucking around with different creations to develop the perfect print for her newly furnished nursery. After receiving positive feedback from the community she had officially touched-down into the art world and began making commissioned pieces for her family and friends.

Based in an absolutely stunning part of the world, Torquay (on Australia’s south coast), it is no surprise Jacqui is inspired by the beauty of the natural environment…

“I love colour and see beauty everywhere that inspires me to create something…I am inspired to create beautiful artwork that works with interior spaces that I adore. I usually start with a colour palette and the rest of the process that evolves is very organic.” explains Jacqui.

We’ve already found plenty of these creations that would happily hang on our walls right now, but we are also thrilled to hear that custom orders can be arranged and are welcomed by Inhak Art. Head over to her website to browse around what style you like and simply chat with Jacqui about what sizes, shape and colour tickles your fancy. Bespoke art at it’s best!

27 Jun 2015
art and design

The whacky world of Natalie Foss

Would you believe us if we told you these amazing artworks from Natalie Foss are created only with coloured pencils and coloured paper? They are so beautiful and detailed we are not sure if we believe it ourselves...

Natalie Foss is a Norwegian freelance illustrator based in Oslo. She works in different fields, primarily with coloured pencils and paper, focusing on strong colours, portraits and emotions. Natalie has studied for two years at Strykejernet School of Art in Oslo, and has a BA in illustration from Kingston University in London.

We just adore the zany characters and vibrant colours she creates in all of her works. They always transport our imaginations to a galaxy far far away and we can’t help but want to live there permanently. I mean with four eyes and hair full of cats, who wouldn’t…

19 Jun 2015
art and design

Pretty Prisms

We can’t stop admiring these prisms of pretty created by Phillip Low. These absolutely stunning colour-blocked acrylic creations would provide a gorgeous touch to any space… especially when the light floods in and bounces off them in an angelic form...

When asked if the prisms are art or design, Low responded with… “You decide. That line is blurry in some cases and I tend towards things that represent both at the same time.”

There are a range of different shapes and colours to choose from, each with their story as told through a unique set of lines and edges. And if you can't afford the real-deal you can pick up a beautiful print at a much more affordable price.

08 Jun 2015
art and design

Jars 1-4

Suspended right there in front of your awe-struck face, a beautiful cluster of crystals hovering and taunting your eye. You want to touch them, spin and clasp them all. But you can't...

Yes these marvellous creations are for admiring only, and admire we will do. Jars 1-4 is a beautiful project from Present & Correct. Four jars, each with a unique arrangement of paper polygons – it’s very hard to pick a favourite. Which is yours?

07 Jun 2015
art and design

Crystal Wonderland

Step inside this crystal wonderland created by artist Russell Leng. Beautiful colours, beautiful shapes, beautiful everything falling perfectly into place...

Russell Leng is an artist currently based in Vancouver, Canada. He received an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013. His work has been collected and exhibited at galleries worldwide. See more of his beautiful creations over on his website.

03 Jun 2015
art and design