Creative Showcase - Mrs Mighetto

Mrs Mighetto is the work of a delightful pair called Malin and Anna. They sell beautiful original watercolour paintings that are packed full of fantasy, history, mystery and colour. Once sold out, their gorgeous prints are gone forever, never coming back. So it is crucial that you jump in quick when you spy a creation you like...

We caught up with the ladies behind this amazing brand to find out what makes them tick...
What lead you to start Mrs Mighetto?
Mrs Mighetto was founded last autumn and it came about like a non-resistant project, or hobby if you wish, a very time-consuming hobby, like playing golf. We couldn’t resist giving it a shot and we had so much feeling for the products so we just had to do it.

What do you love most about what you do?
For Malin that is the most easy question. She loves to paint, its her gift and passion. For Anna its creating something new. To move forward and do things that make an impression. We both love to do this together, the hard work, the late nights and off course the happiness when retailers and customers like what we do. That is the great joy of all.

What inspires your illustrations?
We find inspiration everywhere. The less time consuming inspiration is comes from the internet, like Pinterest, Instagram, blogs etc. But also from travels (when you finally leave the office) from interior & fashion magazines, TV, films and books (great inspiration makes your imagination grow). I think its a tricky question, because often you just don't know where the ideas come from - they just come to you.

Where is your favourite place to shop for kids in Sweden?
The shops that sell our prints, our retailers are the ones we love the most. But also Sprall, Krabat, Uni, Bofinken and H&M...

What was the best thing about being a kid?
Do you remember when you were with Mom and Dad away at a dinner and you fell asleep on the couch? When you fell asleep to the sounds of adult conversation and then to be carried from the couch into the car and then from the car to the bed. I remember having this nice warm feeling just continuing to sleep and to feel extra pampered by your parents.

But also we will add Saturday candy - what a great thing! Adult should have it too. Not whenever you like, only on Saturday's. What is so special about candy otherwise?! And one more... Birthdays! They where so much fun when you were a kid!

If you were to make the ultimate cupcake what flavour would it be?
We have agreed on caramel, nuts, vanilla and chocolate.

24 May 2015
creative showcase
art and design

Made by Miniwilla

As much as we love ourselves a good rainbow, you just can't go past a bit of black & white. B to the O to the L to the D, these awesome B+W prints hail all the way from Sweden from one very cool brand called Miniwilla...

Famous for their iconic rabbit print, Miniwilla keeps things fresh by creating different characters that are each as loveable as the next. From the old world bunny gentleman to the rabbit superhero… we just adore them all.

These monochrome prints are certain to jump off your nursery walls whether they are teamed with more B+W decor, soft pastels or neon twangs. Head over to the Miniwilla website to find out more and shop their entire range.

11 Apr 2015
black and white
art and design

Papermint Studio

Papermint Studio is a delightful creative brand from Auckland, New Zealand showing the world just how cool paper can be. With a bold and quirky design style that smashes the monochrome look like no other, the brand has a stable of rad creations all made with beautiful illustrations and high quality, eco-friendly paper stocks...

The mastermind behind Papermint Studio is Otis, who just so happens to be as friendly as she is talented. She says she gets her inspiration from everything in her life from her children and family, to quotes, books, illustrations and music.

Her range designs are incorporated into a cute collection of wall prints, greeting cards, wall hangers and even on textile items like cushions. With sayings like ‘Blah Blah Blah’, 'Yay' and ‘Let them be little’ there is so much to love about these simple yet striking designs.

We’ve been fortunate enough to stock some of our favourite Papermint Studio products in The Gathered Store, check them out for yourself here.

07 Apr 2015
black and white
art and design

Charmed Art

We wish we had magical powers that actually worked right about now. If we did, we’d focus our hocus-pocus on making this amazing interactive art installation be back on tour this year.

Lucky us stumbled upon this awesomeness on the Bellissima Kids website and were instantly spellbound. The geniuses at Torafu Architects created a brilliant installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo that showcased a range of interactive paintings and sculptures.

From all reports the installation had a load of interactive elements, such as moving paintings, climbable frames and funny mirrors that children loved. The designs featured many classic paintings to create a fun twist on the typical serious gallery experience. What a great day out!

Unfortunately the exhibition is closed, but we couldn’t resists sharing during our Magic theme!

17 Mar 2015
art and design

The Magical Julia Pott

Julia Pott makes magic. We don’t care that other people call her an animator, illustrator, cartoonist, blogger or film maker, to us she will always be a magician. And as you browse through this small collection of her work, you might start to feel the magic yourself...

Up there with the most original illustrations we have come across, we absolutely adore the humour captured in each of her creations. From the hairy-legged, skirt-wearing she-wolf howling to the moon, to the curious badger who loves baseball, each of her characters has a certain underdog feel to them that you cant help but love.

Along with some of her more traditional commercial assignments, which includes British Pakistani singer-songwriter Bat For lashes, Pott also produces work in more accessible formats like T-shirts, tattoos and YouTube cartoons.

One of our favourite collaborations was between Potts and children’s fashion label, Soft Gallery. Such a fabulous combination of talents, we’ve pictured the amazing roller-skating, ice-cream licking wolf from the range here. Isn’t she just the best?

Beyond these amazing sketches, Julia is quite the film maker with her work having been played in festivals worldwide including Sundance and SXSW and she was named one of the 25 new faces of independent film by Filmmaker Magazine in 2012. Oh and did we mention she is a blogger for the Huffingston Post?

We’ve done our best to do this star justice, but it would be even better for you to check out more of her work for yourself over on her website. Enjoy!

12 Mar 2015
art and design

Creative Showcase - Andrea Kang

You’ve got to admire the talent and imagination required to construct an original, fanciful world purely from scratch. Using a glorious gaggle of bears, girls and little creatures, this is exactly what freelance illustrator, designer and toy maker, Andrea Kang does...

We caught up with Andrea to find out more about her world and what makes her tick.
What do you love most about what you do?
Being able to do what I love everyday and having people connect with my thoughts through the art that I create.

What inspires your illustrations?
There’s so many things to choose from, but a lot of times they come from memories, dreams, and fables to name a few.

You also spend your time designing toys - what do you enjoy about creating in 3D format rather than 2D?
There’s something satisfying to see an image come to life and being able to physically hold it. I like the idea it becomes a solid presence in the world, that a person can look at it dimensionally rather than just on a flat plane.

Where is your favourite place to shop for kids in Rhode Island?
There’s a couple of cute spots, Craftland and Frog and Toad. They both have some beautiful selections of handmade items as well as locally made goods.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I remember in 1st grade that I wanted to be a vet, think it’s because I’ve always loved animals and connected with them very well.

If you were to make the ultimate cupcake what flavour would it be? And what would it look like?
Tough one as I love everything sweet, but if I had to choose one, suppose it would be Dark Chocolate Chip Cayenne Salted Carmel.

27 Feb 2015
art and design

A Tropical Tangle

If cacti could grow under the sea, then this friends, is what it would look like. A vibrant spectacle for the eyes that words cannot describe. Woking Girl Designs is a creative design studio based in Brooklyn who specialise in hand-painted and computer-generated designs. We’ve just discovered them and are presently hyperventilating over the bold colours and distinctive prints showcased throughout their entire range. You can download this stunning piece that they created for Design Sponge to brighten up your desktop.

20 Feb 2015
art and design
neon jungle

Creative Showcase - Pete Cromer

We love the creations of self-confessed ‘big kid’ Pete Cromer. A Melbourne-based designer and illustrator, Pete spends his days working with shapes, colour and feelings and turning them in to beautiful creations that jump off the walls...

We caught up with Pete to learn more about his world and his work...
What do you love most about what you do?
I love waking up to a day full of surprises and not being scared by it. I love that I can talk to my dog all day in dog language and not feel crazy. I love that people love and get happy by what I do. Good times.

What inspires your illustrations?
Each piece tends to haunt me in my mind, each has a personality and story that is itching to get out. I love shapes and how they create feelings with colour. The two share a beautiful relationship.

You play a lot with texture, colour and shape in your work. What is your favourite medium to work in to capture this?
I love my sponges. I like the textures I can achieve with them. Lots of fun and unexpected results can happen. They are my weapon of choice.

If you were a kid in Melbourne where is the first place you'd go?
I’m going to plug Fairy Park here, which is about an hour out of Melbourne in Anakie (down near Geelong). It’s the best, like the best place a kid can go and the playground is beyond good. Go there now, it’s magical...

What did you want to be when you grew up?
According to Mum I wanted to work with pencils, no career in particular, just something that involved the use of pencils. When Santa gave me my first Derwent set I lost my shit.

If you were to make the ultimate popsicle what flavour would it be and what would it look like?
An ultimate popsicle would be a swirl of colours and flavours. It would be so wonderful that all my friends and I could share it and be happy. It would brighten everyone’s day.

10 Feb 2015
art and design
neon jungle

The Pairabirds

We have a big creative crush on the awesome prints over at The Pairabirds. Especially these two sheepish thunderclouds who are quietly going about their business watering the world below...

Described as illustrated snapshots of nature, human and animal life, the vibrant and fun work of Illinois-based illustrator Tabitha Bianca Brown is inspired by nature and mid seventies funk.

The result is a perfect mix of retro and contemporary prints that would brighten up any wall. To see more where this came from, head over to The Pairabirds Website.

07 Feb 2015
art and design

A Little Lightning Love

This very cool lightning print has sparked our endless love for Alphonnsine. Simple and classic these lovely prints will add a pop of pastel and a little smile to any wall...

Alphonnsine's Etsy Store started in 2012 with a few doodles and a lot of laughter. Now the much-adored store is brimming with clever slogans and random thoughts printed onto t-shirts, homewares and our personal favourites, a collection of stunning prints.

Based in Northern California all of the prints are manufactured in house and come printed on archival matte paper with archival pigment inks which means they will stand the test of time on your lovely walls.

With such a huge selection on offer, you won't find it difficult pick a few out for your little one’s room. We think clustering a couple of prints together works best, just like these ones we’ve selected below.

Head on over to Alphonnsine's Etsy Store to see more of these lovely prints.

26 Jan 2015
art and design