A Shrine to Fruit

A Shrine To Fruit by Tom Edwards was created to celebrate nine of the best fruits in the world. We often have trouble picking a favourite fruit (we love them all!) but now with these rad pictures we can safely say it is pineapple. That hair…what a dude!

See more of Tom Edwards work over on Flickr.

20 Jan 2015
art and design

The Work of Becky Baur

Send a bunch of tropical vibes to a friend with these playful greeting cards from designer Becky Baur. Nothing quite says ‘I wish you were here’ like a cool little bunny tucking into a humungous piece of watermelon after all...

Becky Baur has been working as a freelance textile designer for many years and recently launched her own business designing cushions, cards, notebooks and ceramics.

Her work is charismatic, cute and always colourful. Pop over to her website to see more from her latest collection.

14 Jan 2015
art and design

Hello Pants

Say hello to Hello Pants , the chaotic and creative world of Australian illustrator and graphic designer, Anna Dance...

Boasting bright colours and out-of-this-world characters, the prints from Hello Pants are always a feast for the eyes and the imagination.

We particularly love these tropical inspired designs that flirt between illustration and graphic. The fun shapes and poppy colours literally see them leaping off the wall… a sure way to liven up any bedroom.

You can see more of Anna’s work over on her Etsy Store.

12 Jan 2015

Glow Posters

Your little ones will never be fraidy’ cats of the dark if their bedroom walls are rocking these rad glow-in-the-dark posters from OMY!

Very aptly named, Phospho Posters, these fun wall decorations feature brightly coloured prints that light up in the dark to reveal different phosphorescent images. Fun!

There is a bunny, bear, leopard and an owl. Each getting up to plenty of mischief in the day, but then falling sound asleep as soon as the lights go out. To read more and purchase, head over to the OMY e-shop now.

06 Dec 2014

Into the Night

We love all of these pieces by artist/illustrator Alice Ferrow. With their moody colours and gentle nostalgic feel, we think they feel like a nighttime dreamscape unfolding right before our eyes...

Alice Ferrow is an illustrator living in London. She likes working with chalky gouache paint, folklore and mystery.

Her website is under construction right now, but check out her Tumblr for miscellaneous work and other things from her sketchbook.

03 Dec 2014
art and design

Here Comes the Night

Earlier this year at the Pace Gallery in New York, there was a very special exhibition that we wish dearly we could have seen. ‘Tara Donovan: untitled’ showcased a series of large scale installations that were both beautiful and thought provoking to explore...

Donovan is renowned for creating larger sculptures made from everyday objects. Whenever we look at her work, we are always left wondering what they are made of and how on earth they have been put together. In one installation in this exhibition, she uses several million white cards stacked and glued into scores of interweaving columns and cavens. The result is rather hypnotic for the mind….

01 Dec 2014
art and design

Paint the Town Sweet

Joel Penkman says he hopes his pictures will make people smile. We are not sure about you, but we are certainly sporting big mouth watering grins...

These wonderful candy paintings by Joel Penkman are so realistic it makes us wonder if they are lickable like the wallpaper in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory…

As a painter and graphic designer, specialising in food art, Penkman takes a lot of care with his work to make sure the results are jut right: “My favourite medium is egg tempera. It is very time consuming as I make the gesso to prepare my boards and grind my own paint to mix, but the results are worth it.” He says

Penkman was born and raised in New Zealand. After finishing his degree in Graphic Design at Canterbury University's School of Fine Art, he moved to the UK where he now works as a freelance designer and artist.

If you have a hankering for a particular piece of candy or food you would like, Penkman often takes on both commercial and personal commissions. You can find out more on his website.

24 Nov 2014
art and design

The Biscuit Project

This still life pastel photography series by duo Matt Lain and Toni Caroline is a scrumpdidillumptious treat for the eyes. And let’s be honest, we wouldn’t mind tasting one of these tasty treats either...

We find it absolutely amazing how a simple colour change can totally transform and everyday object, like a basic biscuit. That’s the way of Wonka we guess.

Matt Lain is a London based photographer and Toni Caroline a London based stylist and art director. Together they collaborate on The Biscuit Project…. one biscuit at a time, they make us smile.

19 Nov 2014
art and design

Giant Sweeties

Remember how excited you were when Mr Willy Wonka wheeled in that giant chocolate bar to demonstrate how Wonka Vision worked? We still dream about it, hoping that one day we will discover a piece of candy so large...

And today is that day friends. These giant candy bracelets have got us as excited as Charlie Bucket and Grandpa Joe when they found their golden ticket. But sadly, you can’t eat them. But they certainly make for some mouthwatering eye candy that is for sure.

Artist, Nicola Freeman, is the creator of these enchanting and fun sculptures. There are four pieces in the sweet (see what we did there) including the Love Hearts, Sweetie Watch, Sweetie Necklace and a Lollypop. Read more about the series in an interview with Nicola Freeman right here.

18 Nov 2014
art and design

A Fine Drop

If you look closely inside a raindrop you might be lucky enough to spy a magical little world trucking along inside. We love the mystical charm of such a thought and we think it has been captured perfectly in these alluring illustrations from Nynne Rosenvinge. See more from this Copenhagen based artist here.

16 Nov 2014
art and design