Crazy Rain

How cute is this little cloud print from Claire Brown? There are all types of rain going on here – fat rain, sidewards rain and the worst type, the sharp shooting rain. We love the gorgeous colours and simple, hand drawn illustration. Available to purchase from Society6.

14 Nov 2014
art and design

Indoor Clouds

Whether you are laying under them visualising their shapes, or moon dancing across them in your dreams, clouds are often a great source of creative inspiration. One such dreamer is Dutch artist, Berndnaut Smilde, who actually recreates the physical elements of a cloud in stunning indoor spaces...

It’s hard to imagine walking into an empty room and seeing a raincloud right in front of your eyes. No art or anything else on the walls, just the cloud. But these gorgeous series of photographs thankfully capture the moment just perfectly.

To make the clouds, Berndnaut first makes the space extremely damp and wet, then uses a smoke machine and the moisture sticks to create the smoke and forms the most mesmerising cloud you will ever see.

The clouds only last a few seconds before falling apart, but what a beautiful few seconds they must be for him as he watches his work unfold before his eyes: “I can’t control the cloud, it is different every time, mostly in shape and light. So I end up making hundreds and hundreds and select just one to be the work” explains Berndnaut.

Berndnaut Smilde has exhibitions around the world. Check out his website for more information.

05 Nov 2014
art and design

Cloud Ladder

White, fluffy and thick enough to walk on... it has all the makings of the perfect cloud. But it’s not. Cloud Ladder is a dramatic installation from Parisian based artist, Perrine Lievens who is famous for revamping everyday objects into something more boggling for the mind. And hasn’t she done just that...

We think it would be a very hard task resisting the urge to reach out and burry your face into this fluffy ball of cumulonimbus. Oh please can we?! Read about more work from Perrine Lieven here.

03 Nov 2014
art and design

Creative Showcase - Pax & Hart

Banana smoothies, drawing and child-like imaginings. These are just a few of the things that tickle the fancy of Australian artist Emma Labattaglia aka Pax & Hart. Living with her beautiful little family on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia, Emma spends her days creating the most unique, simple and loveable prints for children (and the young at heart)...

With creativity running in the blood of Emma's family she studied Visual arts, and then Fine Arts at university. "I always watched my Opa draw in his studio, and it was my dream to be able to do the same. I honestly didn't think my dream would come true, I am just so appreciative for everything I am doing, and the support and encouragement I have received." Since starting Pax & Hart Emma has worked with some amazing kids clothing brands such as Mini & Maximus, Bandit Kids, Salt City Emporium and is currently collaborating with Jimmy Cricket on some bunny wallpaper.

We are very excited to catch up with Emma to hear more about what inspires her and her wonderful brand...
What do you love most about what you do?
The thing I love most about what I am doing is that I am able to be creative everyday. I love that I can just sit down, be imaginative with my thoughts, draw, and then have the opportunity to share them with people.

That's my idea of being lucky, because I get to do something I love, and be a Mama at the same time. It brings out the child in me, and that has to be a good thing! I also love that I can share my artwork with people to enjoy in their homes. I think of my prints hanging in someone's house, their child's room, or theirs and it puts an enormous smile on my face.

What inspires your illustrations?
I am inspired by my children, I love the way they get obsessed with an animal or object, i.e. mainly bunnies in my house. I think we can learn so much from children, their imaginations, their innocence and desire to learn and enjoy. I love children's art, it is the best in my eyes, totally uninhibited. I have also, 'tried' to keep the imagination I had as a child. I love fashion, contemporary art and interior design too. I am inspired by all of those things.

You work mainly in black and white, what does this palette add to your work?
My prints are black and white, but funnily enough I love colour. I surround my family with colour in our home. I think I simply relate drawing and prints to black and white, nice and simple, which is why my prints are predominantly black and white. I think that makes them versatile too, good for people like me who need to tone it down, and for the monotone lovers.

Where is your favourite place to shop for kids in Melbourne?
I actually live on the east coast just out of Melbourne, and being a Mama, online shopping definitely suits me best. I wouldn't know where to start with my favorite one, I have too many!

What was the best thing about being a kid?
The best thing about being a kid for me was having no responsibilities, life was simple and fun, lots of playing with my sister and two brothers, making cubby houses in trees stands out in my mind.

If you were to make the ultimate milkshake what flavour would it be? And what would it look like?
My ultimate milkshake, would be - not a milkshake, a smoothie! I am obsessed with banana smoothies.

29 Oct 2014
creative showcase

I See Faces

I see faces what do you see? We also see a whole lot of awesome that we want to decorate our walls with...

I See Faces is a collection of graphics and acrylic mobiles by Kirstine Hedensten and Lisbeth Beck. They are colourful, quirky and fun, and guaranteed to bring any room to life.

You can see the full range of prints, mobiles and wall hangings from the talented Kirstine Hedensten and Lisbeth Beck on their website.

25 Oct 2014
art and design

The Peculiar World of Eva Stalinski

The prints and patterns from the talented Eva Stalinski are shockingly good. Black cats and other curious characters bring with them a quirky charm that is perfect for the creatively inclined...

The intention of the designs is to make you look long and hard, and hopefully discover new things each time you gander. We know for a fact, we’ve come up with a multitude of different back stories for the organised herd of cats. Our favourite assumption is they are heading to the roller rink for a cross town derby.

We highly recommend checking out more from the world of Eva Stalinski. There are loads more designs to explore, many of which are loosely based on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Visit her website here.

23 Oct 2014
art and design

The Hodgson Family

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're all together ooky, the work of Rob Hodgson...

Rob Hodgson is a British designer and illustrator living in Bristol. Ever since we discovered his amazing illustrations we’ve been caught in a spider web of awe.

His creative mantra is “Life is Weird” and that is exactly what you see in his work. A wonderful world of peculiar characters and creatures that is sure to lead your imagination astray.

The sketchy marks and colourful shading give the illusion of spontaneity and effortlessness.

However, we are not fooled. Each illustration has a carefully arranged composition with perfectly wonky edges giving his work a youthful playfulness that is rather infectious.

If you like the look of these colour characters, check out his full family of illustrations over on his website.

21 Oct 2014
art and design

Bee Happy

It’s rather amazing that without the wee little bee humbly beavering away, our entire existence could come crashing to a halt. In this series of beautiful hand-drawn prints by London-based illustrator Amyisla, we are all encouraged to plant more flowers in an effort to keep the world’s bees a buzzing...

Such an important message communicated in such a beautiful manner. You can read more over on Amyisla's website.

08 Oct 2014
bugs & butterflies
art and design

Fabric Wings

These stunning textile creatures are the work of the very talented Yumi Okita. With her beautiful mind and very skilled fingers alone, she manages to sew, embroider and stitch together different fabrics to form gorgeous moths and butterflies...

The textures, colours and minute details make them incredibly life-like and alluring. We can just imagine their wings starting to flutter as they take flight off into the garden.

But we have to admit, with their giant antennas and spindly insect legs, we can’t help but feel a little a little scared of these bewildering beauties. Some span almost a foot wide, making them dramatically bigger than the typical garden variety we are accustomed too.

Each fibre sculpture is inspired from the realism of nature then manipulated into the world of imagination. Click through to visit Yumi Okita’s Etsy Store here.

06 Oct 2014
bugs & butterflies
art and design

The Adventures Of

Once upon a time there was a girl called Amanda who let her imagination run wild over every darling piece of paper she could get her hands on. One day she met a calm and steady Carpenter called Benjamin, and together they started The Adventures Of...

From their pretty pastel colourings to their wonderful whimsical words of wisdom, we have fallen head over heels for every print in this gorgeous collection. Cards, tags, prints and wrap, we know where to come next time we need a winning gift!

01 Oct 2014