The Density of Light

Gabriel Dawe is a Mexico born artist who creates beautiful installations out of delicate thread. Named Plexus, which refers to the body's network of nerves, his site specific installations seem to float in the spaces they inhabit, creating an air of calm. Using bright gradients of thread, which he gently strings up with geometric precision, he creates suspended hues of colour that seem to dance before the eyes...

Watching Dawe create a piece, you get a sense of calm and peacefulness, so methodical is his approach, he refers to it almost like meditation. Depending on the size of the installation, it can take Dawe up to several hours to install, each thread making a different journey than the last.

Once an installation is dismantled, the threads are collected to create pieces Gabriel Dawe refers to as 'Relics', giving a second life to the works of art, 'from the ethereal to the dense'.