Life-sized Dollhouse

While travelling down Highway 2 on her way to Brandon in Canada, artist Heather Benning came across an abandoned farm house and decided to turn it into a life-size doll house. “I pulled over to look through the windows. The house had the layout of a dollhouse. Its stature and presence somewhat informed me that it should live again”...

Benning deliberately left the outside of the house untouched to show off 40 years of abandonment. But when you peer inside, the house looks pristine. Beautifully furnished with 1960s furniture you are instantly transported to a different time and place. It is so perfectly intact; it’s as if a 1960s housewife has just stepped out to pick up some milk.

We think the idea behind this serene creation was to remind us all that even abandoned spaces once housed real moments - life, laughter, and love.