Masking Tape City

Cardboard and masking tape don’t typically make one’s mind giddy with excitement. Unless of course you love moving house, in which case your heart has probably already skipped a beat in anticipation. But when art director Koji Iyama teamed up with Japanese masking tape manufacturer MT we all felt tingles of delight...

We are particularly fond of the children’s workshops that ran in Tokyo Mid Town as part of the collaboration. Children were encouraged to run wild and free with countless types of MT tapes.

With so many different colours and patterns available to the flock of imaginations at the workshop, the blank canvas quickly transformed into a crazy daft-punk inspired city.

Looking at the final scene, we are pretty sure that MT tapes would have discovered a few new methods for using tape in an unconventional way. Whoever thought masking tape made such lovely wallpaper and door curtains!

03 Aug 2013