Promptly Journals

Trying to capture your little ones childhood is overwhelming, with every detail seeming as important as the next. Then with the addition of baby brain and lack of sleep, it can be hard to figure out what to jot down on those looming blank pages. My little boy is now 7 months old and I am already looking back on what seems like a fleeting few months wishing I had written more... Which is exactly why I have fallen head over heels for Promptly Journals...

After the birth of her first daughter, Promptly Journals founder Jayne Swallow struggled to find a system to document her daughters life. With the mantra "Don't let the details be forgotten", Jayne went on to create the perfect journal to remember all the little things that make growing up so special. "I know the importance of journaling because I've already forgotten so much. I felt the guilt of not doing anything and knew I would regret it one day. And now with my second baby on the way, I knew I was running out of time to figure it out."

"I wanted a system that was doable - that I could start and finish completely. And not just with my first child, but for however many kids I have. A journal that was efficient but would record enough of the good details I never want to forget. I also wanted it ALL in one place." And so Promptly Journals was born.

With custom tailored prompts for every phase and year of your child’s life, Promptly Journals make recording quick, efficient and meaningful. Some of our favourites are “What is your toddler’s favorite thing to wear (and refuses to take off)? — Age 2 and "What is your teen’s favorite clothing brand?" — Age 14, two memories that are sure to set off fits of giggles in the years to come. We also love it how there is space to record all the less glamorous moments too, as sometimes those are the ones that make you smile the most.

Head over to the Promptly Journals website and get jotting before all those lovely memories fade. If you are anything like us you will already be struggling to remember what happened last Wednesday!

20 Jun 2016
baby book

eeni meeni miini moh

eeni meeni miini moh catch a cutie by the toe, if it moves let it go, eeni meeni miini moh! There’s no doubt about it, if we latched onto anything from the cute new range from eeni meeni miini moh we would not be letting it go!

Featuring a contemporary neon orange geometric print for summer, the limited edition la Petite collection proves almost too cute to handle.

As well as good looking, the range is also soft to touch. Produced from 100% bamboo cotton, each garment is breathable, temperature regulating and perfect for hypoallergenic sensitive skins.

The range is available in one size (0-3 months) and is suitable for little guys and dolls. Shop it now from the eeni meeni miini moh website.

18 Oct 2015

Read by the light of the Moon...

There is nothing quite like snuggling up under the covers reading bedtime stories in the moonlight. And this beautifully illustrated board book from Home Grown Books perfectly captures the lights we see at night...

Children will marvel at the many ways light shines, glows, and flashes in the night with this perfect bedtime book.

The book features 12 pages of stunning, full colour oil paintings by artist Sara Woster and is printed on 100% recycled paperboard.

Check out more great Home Grown Books over on their website.

16 Jun 2015

A Not So Scary Read

The perfect way to introduce your toddler to the world of classic literature, BabyLit books condense well known tales into fun and beautifully illustrated stories your little one will love. Dracula and Frankenstein are two perfect examples that introduce your child to these two famous characters without the scary bits! We highly recommend checking out their whole collection.

01 Nov 2014

Book - Alice for Littleland

We adore this sweet little Alice In Wonderland board book from BabyLit. Edited down into simple text by Jennifer Adams and beautifully Illustrated by Alison Oliver, it is the perfect way to introduce your little one to the delightful tale of Alice and Wonderland...

The book is part of a larger series of baby Lit books based on much loved classics such as Pride & Prejudice, The Jungle Book and The Wizard Of Oz. We love them all!

23 Sep 2013