Nature Baby W15

We’ve long been in love with nature. Ever since we could roll, butt-shuffle and toddle we were out amongst it exploring with ma and pa. Which is why we are totally in love with Nature Baby’s new winter collection which takes us right back to the great outdoors..

Filled with soft organic cottons, printed merino, quilted sweat-shirting and gorgeous handknits, the new range is reminiscent of secret gardens at dusk with topiary trees and maze like pathways.

With the market ballooned with bright neons and sweet pastels, we are loving this softer palette. With hues like warming ginger, soothing blossom and freshly mown greens, it is hard not to feel nature all around you as you browse the stunning new range.

Nature Baby is a family business specialising in products that nurture you, your baby and nature. All products are carefully selected for quality, purity, design and are produced in a way that cares for the earth and its workers.

The company now has three concept stores in Auckland, New Zealand, and is sold through boutiques, health food and department stores around the world.

Head over to the Nature Baby website to see more from this gorgeous range, and locate your nearest stockist.

04 Mar 2015