Say Hello to Birdling Bags...

Gone are the days when we would grab our keys, throw a few things in a bag and head off to the coast for a few nights. With a lovely little one in tow we now find ourselves packing pretty much everything we own... sometimes even the kitchen sink! And we find nothing more stressful than travelling with what eventually becomes a jumbled mess... which is exactly why we have fallen in love with Birdling Bags!

Made in America, the beautiful range of Birdling Bags combine style and function to provide you with a travel companion that will last a lifetime. Ranging from 'The Weekender', to 'The Overnighter', to 'The Day Tripper', Birdling Bags have you covered no matter where you are going or what adventure you are about embark on.

Created by friends Courtney & Meagan, Birdling Bags came to light after Courtney attempted to pack for her first weekend away with a newborn. "A weekend away with a child is hard enough, but my unorganised bag made it almost impossible. What started as a neatly packed tote, ended with a jumbled mess— bottles were swaddled, binkies were sucked into an abyss and diapers were covering the butt paste. Feeling frustrated, I knew that there had be a better way to keep stuff organised in a bag! A few nights later, during a bout of newborn sleep deprivation, the idea for a compartmentalised bag flew into my mind and Birdling was hatched!"

So together Meagan and Courtney embarked on creating the perfect range of bags for every type of getaway. Whether you are heading out on everyday outings or off an a week long adventure, a Birdling bag not only keeps your sanity in tact but it also looks great! Their hope is that with a birdling by your side you can venture from the nest often and a very stylish bag in tow.

And if you want to retain the same sort of organisation around the house Birdling Bags has also launched a wonderful range of Lil’ Birdling Bins. Perfect for storing pretty much anything these will become a life saver around the house.

Head over to the Birdling Bags website to read more about this wonderful brand and we are sure you will fall in love with this range as much as we have.

Beautiful images courtesy of Natalie Chitwood.

01 Apr 2016


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