The Bag's Got Swag

Nappies, cloths, wipes, creams, snacks, water, spare clothes, toys, a hat, a change mat, water, phone, keys,… the list goes on. Being a mum requires a bag that only Mary Poppins could endorse. And we think we’ve found it...

Introducing the One Duo +1 Diaper bag. It not only looks stylish (my non-mummy friends are always complimenting me on it!), it is also capable of carrying all of the above and some.

The bag is made of super durable cotton canvas with a liquid repellent PU coating. Making it tough enough to withstand water spills, projectile vomit and of course the occasional ill-aimed pee (if you have a boy like me).

It comes with a change mat and two clips to connect it to your pram. You can whack it over your shoulder or turn it into a oh-so-on-trend-darling backpack.

Before having a bub I was convinced I didn’t need a nappy bag. Then I quickly realized being a packhorse, a good bag is essential. But then I couldn’t find one that I liked the look of, so I was absolutely delighted to discover the beautiful specimens from One Duo.

The bags hail all the way from Isreal and are available to purchase from the One Duo Etsy Store.

25 Sep 2016