It’s Raining Cute

It will be raining cute in your little one’s bedroom if you hang one of these adorable felt mobiles proudly from the ceiling. Whether you fancy your head up in the clouds or want those raindrops to keep falling on your head, the team from Needle & I have you covered.

Needle & I is a soft furnishings design company based in Auckland, New Zealand, who make a gorgeous range of children’s mobiles, garlands, flags and cushions. Each piece is designed (and handmade) to bring energy, colour and freshness to the bedroom. And don’t they do just that!

The philosophy behind the Needle & I range is “less is more… it’s not about buying something new every week, but investing where you are able in well-made, considered goods which spark children’s imaginations and will last a long time”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

See more from their darling range over on Needle & I and we also stock a beautiful range of Needle & products over at The Gathered Store.