Little Nest

Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock… We might actually stop right there as the lyrics of that nursery rhyme takes a pretty dark turn after this point (what gives?). But one cradle we’d like to rock to sleep to in, with absolutely no fear of falling, is the delectable Little Nest Felt Cradle from O-bjekt Designs...

Handcrafted by master hatter László Girardi, the Little Nest Cradle is made from of one single piece of gorgeous Merino wool felt, which hugs snuggly around your bub as they rest. The cradle is suspended with geometric excellence. One single point of suspension (via some dashing leather straps) means your baby will calmly sway in a manner very similar to what they experienced in the womb.

Inspired by those frustrating nights of restless sleep, the team from O-bjekt Designs are striving to create the most natural conditions for sleeping. We haven’t tested this marvellous creation, however we have high hopes that it works as good as it looks.

Visit the O-bjekt Designs website for more information.

26 Jun 2015