Play Bar

We can't think of a better afternoon hangout than under this beautifully designed and perfectly entertaining Play Bar from Bella Buttercup. After a full year of design and development this gorgeous nursery staple is a long time in the making. And this highly anticipated product has delivered beyond our wildest expectations...

The Scandinavian inspired look is much easier on the eye than the typical activity mat, meaning you don't need to hide it away when your guests arrive. The natural wood elements and soft colour tones look great together, and the sturdy mat means it works just as well outside as inside.

But it's not just about us. Each Play Bar comes with eight toys; four wood and four silicone, which your bebe will love too. Each as been cleverly crafted to amuse, educate and entertain little minds. The textural elements and use of colour will help your baby learn and develop through different senses such as touch and sight.

These bad boys are in HIGH demand, so head over to Bella Buttercup to find out how to get your hands on one.

10 Jul 2015