Into the Wild with Plyroom

As we trek off into the wilderness this week on Little Gatherer, it is important that we stop and smell the roses every so often. And when we say stop, we really mean lie down, snuggle up and let our heavy eyelids hike on yonder to Snoozeville. After two week’s of ‘being at one with nature’, we can’t think of a better place to rest our weary heads than in a beautiful bed from Plyroom...

Plyroom is a highly functional, versatile and sustainable furniture range founded by the very clever Elise Heslop from Melbourne. Inspired by a year spent living in northern Italy (you had us at hello), the beautiful aesthetic of the brand is driven by an inspiring design ethos of taking pleasure from the simple things:

‘The idea was to take hardly anything with us and live more simply…the idea for sustainably made, multipurpose furniture for small spaces came shortly after.’ explains Elise.

The Plyroom range includes beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories for living, dining, working and children’s bedroom and play spaces. Each piece is designed with simplicity, functionality and beauty in mind. The long, clean lines combined with the absolutely smooth-to-touch quality finish of the gorgeous blond plywood is a match made in heaven.

But it’s not only about the looks, we always hold form and function dear to our hearts here at Little Gatherer too…and that is precisely why we love Plyroom so much.

Plyroom’s products are made from responsibly forested materials and are ingeniously designed to convert and adapt as your babe turns into a big kid. The Ava Cot + Junior Bed + Desk (featured) is exactly what it’s name suggest, a clever convertible design that allows you to get years of use and enjoyment out of the one product. Smart!

“Plywood is my favourite material, I love that it has a light visual footprint but is surprisingly strong” says Elise. It is this strength of material, beautiful finishing and timeless design that allows each piece to live on as a beautiful piece of furniture in your home for years to come.

We love the full range from Plyroom and think you will too. Head over to their website to check out more gorgeous pieces - from change stations, shelves and drawers to bunk beds, coffee tables and storage seats there is something to help you live a little bit smarter in every room of your own home.