Born On Monday

We have fallen head over heels for gorgeous brand Born On Monday! Designed with love each item is hand painted, and every detail is made by hand. The designs are beautiful, modern, and unique children's bedroom decor items... and the best news is it is now available in Australia exclusively through Hey Little!

A graphic designer by profession and a crafter and maker by passion, Born On Monday master mind, Miriam Altamira loves to create! "Since my early years in college all my graphic design projects were accompanied by something created by hand, either painted or screen printed, sewed or bound."

Then 10 years ago, she found out her best friend was expecting a baby. "I spent days thinking what would be the best, most thoughtful gift a new mom would need and appreciate. Something it could use from the very first day of his or her life and grow with it, something that could be used for many years and yet so unique and beautifully designed that could be part of priceless memories for both, baby and mother... That's how I carefully created my first baby blanket."

Miriam now spends her days filling the homes and hearts of little ones with gorgeous blankets and heirlooms. 'Born On Monday' pieces are the perfect gifts for anyone about to become a parent, or that something special for your and your little on to treasure for years to come. Head over to Hey Little to fall in love! and to shop the full range.

11 Oct 2016