Creme Anglaise

One way to create a charming galaxy inside your little one’s world is through the addition of some gorgeous star-spangled furniture from the adorable French brand
Cream Anglaise...

Anything but the dark, cold and lonely feelings the idea of space exploration can often conjure up, this furniture allows you to bring the Milky Way inside in a very warm and homely way. With cute star and moon motifs worked into the bed frames and drawers, your little one will drift off into sweet dreams with no trouble at all.

Speaking about dreams, Cream Anglaise was established in 2008 when owner Emilie was waiting for the arrival of her little boy Mael. A few years later, Emilie now spends her days in the South of France with her furniture maker husband creating a beautiful range of children’s cushions, mobiles, musical boxes and wooden furniture for the world to enjoy. Now that is a dream we would never want to wake up from.

01 Oct 2015