Say hello to KidWild...

Get ready to fall in love with KidWild, a beautiful Scandinavian-style brand developed for design-savvy parents. Born out of a desire for a world where kids can live pure, wild and free, Kidwild creates products that are not only free from harmful toxins, dyes and pesticides, but are also beautiful to look at and add fun to any space...

KidWild's range is made up of bedding and accessories that will fill your children's spaces with style and fun. "Our minimalistic, Scandinavian-inspired products in on-trend colors and sustainable fabrics are aimed to integrate seamlessly in today’s modern home, so you can create a one-of-a-kind space that is not only safe, but as unique as your little one’s personality."

The playful prints and pastel tones are perfect for igniting the imagination while at the same time keeping the space calm and serene. The pillows and bedding are all available in multiple prints allowing you to pick and choose what will best suit your little ones personality.

"A child’s mood, personality and interests are constantly developing, and you should be free to spontaneously adjust your child's room according to a change in inclination, emotion or season. Our modern prints and bold colours are designed to be mixed and matched, so you can build your own look, and create multiple moods."

And as if those aren't enough reasons to fall in love with this beautiful brand, the fact that it is all 100% organic should seal the deal. KidWild is committed to respecting the planet and all those who share it, which is why all of their products are made from eco-friendly & organic materials with no harmful toxins, dyes or pesticides.

To see more from this lovely brand and to shop the new range head over to their website.

21 Mar 2016