Creme Anglaise

One way to create a charming galaxy inside your little one’s world is through the addition of some gorgeous star-spangled furniture from the adorable French brand
Cream Anglaise...

Anything but the dark, cold and lonely feelings the idea of space exploration can often conjure up, this furniture allows you to bring the Milky Way inside in a very warm and homely way. With cute star and moon motifs worked into the bed frames and drawers, your little one will drift off into sweet dreams with no trouble at all.

Speaking about dreams, Cream Anglaise was established in 2008 when owner Emilie was waiting for the arrival of her little boy Mael. A few years later, Emilie now spends her days in the South of France with her furniture maker husband creating a beautiful range of children’s cushions, mobiles, musical boxes and wooden furniture for the world to enjoy. Now that is a dream we would never want to wake up from.

01 Oct 2015

Up in the Clouds

We believe children's rooms should be places to escape into, heavenly hideaways where magic happens and dreams come true. This beautiful wallpaper is the outcome of a stunning collaboration between Mrs Mighetto and Jimmy Cricket, and it is exactly what dreams are made of...

Earlier this year Amanda from Jimmy Cricket approached Malin and Anna from Mrs Mighetto asking if they would be interested in a wallpaper collaboration. "I just loved their prints so I was so excited when they agreed to collaborate on a design! I suggested swans and waited eagerly to see what was dreamt up. The first pattern design was sent through and I just gasped!! This was beyond anything that I could have asked for. I knew then and there that this design was something extraordinary and unlike anything I had ever seen before!"

Both Malin and Anna were equally excited when Amanda approached them, so stars aligned and magic was created! "I truly believe this design is on the next level where it resonates with adults and children alike."

Included with each roll of wallpaper is Mrs Mighetto's beautiful story behind this gorgeous design... "Nestled high up in the clouds is a hidden world you probably never even knew existed. Powder pink kites dance through the warm air, enchanted tunnels with continually changing architecture, rainbows spontaneously appearing to create lavish light shows. Unicorns with golden wings gallop unbridled between cloud and sky, and a fountain which scatters lime green scented flower buds. You'll find friends who can turn clouds into candy floss and fish who can sing as sweetly as the nightingale's song. What else do you think might be found up there in the clouds? Once upon a time, high up in the sky, there was a world in which everything was possible. Just like in real life. Everything is possible."

This stunning wallpaper will be released through Jimmy Cricket and Norsu Interiors on the 28th of September 9am AEST and stay tuned for more international stockists... Exciting!

Styling by Hong Henwood.
Photography by Andrea Galkova.

24 Sep 2015
art and design

Introducing Max & Moose

One look and one snuggle is all it takes to fall head over heels in love with the luxurious baby blankets from Max & Moose. Available in gorgeous neutral hues of grey, cream and white these blankets are calming yet beautifully modern too...

Made with high-quality organic bamboo cotton, these blankies are light, soft and stretchy and perfect for wrapping up little bundles of special. Take them everywhere – in the car, in the stroller or leave them at home in the nursery, these little beauties a so versatile you will want one in every colour!

Max & Moose was established in 2014 after the brand’s founder Alyssa identified a need for simple and modern baby blankets that were also gender neutral.

“We were on the hunt for the perfect fabric that wasn't too heavy or too thin but just right. During the hunt we came across the most amazing organic bamboo cotton. Although it wasn't what we were looking for as our Nursing Blanket we knew it was perfect for our line. We experimented with a sheet and immediately fell in love.” Explains founder Alyssa.

We have fallen in love too! Max & Moose have a beautiful boutique and they conveniently ship worldwide. Hoorah!

01 Sep 2015

Woodland Gift ideas

From twigs and pom pom's to arrows and eyes, we have put together a collection of our favourite woodland gift ideas...
1. Pompom hat from Belle Enfant. 2. Little bear print from Little Pop Studios. 3. Mormor pillow from Natti Natti. 4. Bear egg cups from ohh deer. 5. Python leather Pina booties from Donsje. 6. Merino Cashmere pompom scarf from Belle Enfant. 7. Travel buddy from Mana’o Nani. 8. Road trip banner from Papermint Studio. 9. Baby trousers from Bobo Choses. 10. Twigs duvet set from Natti Natti. 11. Sleepy eye storage bag from Tell Kiddo.

27 Aug 2015
gift guide


If you can’t get down to the woods today we recommend doing the very next best thing… stare longingly into one of these magical prints from Faunascapes...

Get lost in a great escape far-far away from the big city lights and the hustle and bustle of the big smoke. Whether you love bunny rabbits, foxes, raccoons or owls there is an adorable animal option waiting to transport into an afternoon of wanderlust and escapism.

The prints come in traditional offset frames, or in our new favourite format, printed straight onto plywood. These look fantastic hanging in a nursery or little kid’s bedroom and are perfect for boys and girls with an adventurous spirit.

Head over to the Faunascapes website to find out more.

26 Aug 2015
art and design

Sleeping in a Blizzard

1. Yeti wall art from Land Of Nod. 2. Marble print from Mini Grandi Artist. 3. Charm pendant from Land Of Nod. 4. Cloud hooks from Lily's Island 5. Honeycomb bookcase from Form Maker. 6. Dots quilt cover from Aura Home. 7. Cinema floor lamp from Land Of Nod. 8. Nifty Timber 3-in-1 Crib from ubabub. 9. 'The good ghosts of the woods' from Dellemyr. 10. On the double step stool from Land Of Nod. 11. Puzzlehead from Dellemyr. 12. Prism Crate from Form Maker.

31 Jul 2015

Dream Space

1. Pegasus poster decal from Land Of Nod. 2. Little Pink ceramic jar by Camilla Engdahl. 3. Fine feathered wall hooks from Land Of Nod. 4. Woven tapestry from Land Of Nod. 5. Equilateral wall hook from Land Of Nod. 6. Leaping Alpaca poster decal from Land Of Nod. 7. Skip 3-in-1 Convertible Crib from Babyletto. 8. Patterned crib bedding from Land Of Nod. 9. Table lamp from Land Of Nod. 10. Cone cushion from Ferm Living. 11. Pink Tiger sleeping bag from Undercover. 12. Round sprinkle carpet from Ferm Living.

22 Jul 2015

Where Little Warriors Dream

1. Eye eye poster from Fine Little Day. 2. Golden Wolf print from My Deer. 3. Giraffe wall hanging from Land Of Nod. 4. Dombo cup from Fine Little Day. 5. Triada block set from Mon Petit Art. 6. Cone cushion from Ferm Living. 7. Springwood crib from Land Of Nod. 8. Stacking 'Tom' ceramic jar by Camilla Engdahl. 9. Black wire basket from Ferm Living. 10. Cardboard cactus. Part of a trio from The Form Maker. 11. Stack & Scare blocks from Uncle Goose. 12. Triangle carpet from Ferm Living.

17 Jul 2015

Room with a POP

1. Ice cream wall art from Land Of Nod. 2. Hot dog cushion from Woouf. 3. Electric Avenue mirror from Land Of Nod. 4. Hexagon throw pillow from Land Of Nod. 5. Ice pop cushion from Cotton On. 6. Cloud placemat from KG Design. 7. Mint skipping rope from Des Enfantillages. 8. Table lamp from Land Of Nod. 9. Red Caravan cot from Kalon. 10. Gummy bear nightlight from Land Of Nod. 11. Colour rim side table from Leo & Bella. 12. Cupcake beanbag from Woouf. 13. Mint rug from Down To The Woods.

11 Jul 2015