Spot Kids Gift Packs

Gift shopping with a toddler or two in tow is not the most fun thing to do. But it is a necessary evil when you have a party or baby shower or birthday party to attend. This very dilemma is exactly how the clever folk from Spot Kids came up with their Gift Pack range...

Initially the husband and wife team started created a cute little clothing range for kids – 100% cotton, simple, stylish and conveniently unisex. Half way through developing their range they had the marvelous idea of pairing their products up with complimentary treasures to create the ultimate newborn gift pack.

The gift packs come wrapped in gorgeous colourful paper also sporting a personalised gift card. All you need to do is click, order and show up to the party! The gift packs include practical items for new mums – our favourite is the Uashmama nappy bag.

Other selections include The Kate & Kate Baby Blanket (also very cute), a plush bunny or a set of lovely milestone cards. Each Gift Pack can be tailored to little boys or girls and comes with a soft Spot Kids Onesie and Spot Kids hat of your choice.

For more information, head over to the Spot Kids website.

24 Jun 2015

Lillelova Knits

We love Lillelova Knits to the moon and back. With their classic winter looks and old world charm, these gorgeous winter hats and adorable rompers make us go awwwwww every time we look at them. And we’ve been looking an awful lot lately!

We’ve always been huge fans of hand knitted products but we are the first to admit our skills don’t stretch far beyond a basic scarf, which is typically left half finished a meter or so before the finish line.

Lillelova Knits is a family business, run by a mother and daughter who sell unique hand-knitted products for those like us who don’t have the time or skill to make them. All of their items are hand made with love and care in The Netherlands.

Head over to the Lillelova Knits website to check out the full range.

17 Jun 2015