Polka Dot Club * Misha + Puff

What do you get when you put Polka Dot Club and Misha + Puff together... ABSOLUTE cuteness is what! We are in beyond in love with the gorgeous holiday collaboration between these two amazing brands...

Lovingly handmade in Peru, the heritage brand of teddy bears and stuffed animals will now be dressed with scaled down beautiful Misha + Puff merino knits! Inspired by traditional craft, each piece is handmade with patience and care using only natural fibers and natural plant dyes.

The Polka Dot Club X Misha + Puff holiday collaboration grew out a reverence for each other's work and a deep consideration and care for the way their designs are made. "We believe in making beautiful, functional pieces to last forever. Each day, we create the world we want our children to live in. Everything counts. This is our way we contribute to the world."

This beautiful range is available now from Polka Dot Club and Misha + Puff, but make sure you get in quick as there is limited stock available.

18 Nov 2016

The Lovely Lauvely

Discover the lovely world of Lauvely. A world that is lovingly knitted and then stuffed with fun by the very clever Laura Cima. A charming collection of characters inspired by two different universes... the fascinating world of the Circus and the fantastic stories of mermaids and pirates. Get ready to take a step into your imagination with a Lauvely sidekick by your side...

Living in Gijón (in the north of Spain), Lauvely designer Laura spends her days creating toys to be treasured by your little ones. Carefully handmade the whole collection is knitted with 100% lambswool and delicately embroidered one by one, making each toy unique and full of personality.

You are sure to fall in love with this gorgeous team of characters... The little Gelsomina, the smiling Zampano, the adorable Monking, the sweet Isadora, the cheerful Jack and an array of gorgeous mermaids. This unique bunch appeals to both children and adults alike, and are sure to become treasured pals who will be handed down for generations to come.

In fact we love Lauvely so much that we have a range of these wonderful toys available for sale now over on The Gathered Store!

07 Sep 2016

A Trip Down Memory Lane

We are suckers for a children’s toy range that bring a modern twist to some traditional classics. So it is no surprise why we have fallen very hard for the brand new range from Such Great Heights. Aptly named ‘The Nostalgia Collection’ this fresh new gathering of toys takes you on a marvellous trip down memory lane to a time when you yourself were playing wooden toys and dollies on a shag pile rug...

The 5 piece timber toy range has been designed in appreciation of the authentic shapes and superior craftsmanship of toys from simpler times. Contemporary colours and unexpected textures are cleverly woven through the story to bring continuity to this distinctive keepsake collection

Adding to the nostalgic romance of this collection is the fact that it has been designed by the very clever Such Great Heights and brought to life by an amazing little working group on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.

So, if you’re a sucker for beautifully designed and exquisitely crafted homewares you must head over to the Such Great Heights website and fuss over the range for yourself.
If you’re in Australia access the store here.
For international readers, head here.

11 Jun 2016

Gift Ideas for Tiny Tots

1. Grow Strong wall decal from Shanna Murray. 2. Rabbit ornament from Oyoy. 3. Dutton Bear pillow from Roxy Marj. 4. Wobbling chicken from Bajo. 5. Activity toy from Bloomingville. 6. Xylophone from Glockenspiels. 7. Cotton baby blanket from Fine Little Day. 8. Bambi doll from Maileg. 9. Snuffy sit on toy from Mr Maria. 10. Alphabet character blocks from Bajo. 11. Fox storage box from Bloomingville. 12. Rubber wood elephant from Lucie Kass. 13. Heirloom bear blanket from Roxy Marj.

11 Dec 2015
gift guide

Get Ready to Play

We’ve featured the stunning Play Bar from Bella Buttercup once before on Little Gatherer so we are very excited to announce the new range hitting stores later in December. The new Play Bar packages include all our favourite features from the first release - the wood frame, eight natural cotton straps and eight toys (four wood and four silicone) – plus with some awesome new colour dipped options...

With the new packages you will be able to choose between the Baby Boy, Baby Girl or Gender Neutral colour options. The expected arrival of the Play Bar and accessories is early-mid December and we are thrilled to announce that we will be selling them on The Gathered Store. Keep your eyes peeled for our announcement in December when the new stock arrives!

05 Oct 2015

I Eva Fray

Handcrafted in New York by maker, Lauren Cockerham-Colas, these gorgeous Ieva Fray dolls are stitched with love. With the belief that life should be slow and simple, Lauren wanted to create a doll that would encourage imaginative play while also encouraging an appreciation of all of life's little moments...

"By incorporating intentional fraying and the addition of annual birthday patches, the Fray Doll has been designed to mirror the fleeting moments of childhood, encouraging a cherishing of all phases and fostering a development of family tradition."

To see more of these beautiful dolls head over to the Ieva Fray website.

11 Sep 2015

Say Hello to Leggy Buddy!

We’ve been struck down by a case of crocheted cuteness thanks to these Groggy Froggy’s from our friends at Leggy Buddy. With legs for days and eyes that could peep all the way to Mars, there is a lot to love about these sweet handmade toys that are packed full of character...

Groggy Froggy is quite awesome. He comes in two sizes and a variety of colours and looks tres cool just hanging about your house.

A close cousin of Kermit, Groggy Froggy is brought to us by Leggy Buddy, a Swiss brand of designer toys, dolls and accessories with are all handmade using high-quality natural materials like cotton and wool. Pairing quirky designs with quality materials they are quickly becoming one of our most favourite bedroom friends.

The team at Leggy Buddy make a variety of characters including mice, cows, horsies and adorable astronauts. Each design is as cute as the next and they all make us quite nostalgic for the crocheted critters our nana used to knit for us when we were young.

Groggy Froggy and his friends are all available to purchase from the Leggy Buddy website. Click through to see the full collection and be ready to be overcome with ohhhhs and aahhhhhs.

28 Aug 2015

Travel Buddies

Whether you’re driving to the next suburb over, or flying high above the Atlanic, nothing beats traveling with a friend. So true is the fact, that when we discovered these special little fellows called Travel Buddies, we wanted to wind back the clock and begin our adventures all over again...

Mana’o Nani is a young, big-hearted brand for children hailing all the way from Poland. Collaborating with a pediatrician and child psychologist, the team created this cuddly creature from the insight that having a familiar toy on your journey will create a homely feeling and help children adapt to foreign lands.

The secret to the Travel Buddy is its teddy-like shape and a set of hidden magnets inside, which allow him to stick to seatbelts, fridges or even playground equipment. A cunning trick that children usually attribute to magic powers!

Each buddy is small and flat so it can be leaned on or slept on, as well as attached to clothing, prams or bikes. Even better, each comes with it’s own unique name, so he is yours and only yours.

Travel Buddies are available now in Choco Brown and Coco White from The Gathered Store.

06 Mar 2015

The Naked Lunge

Naked Lunge is way more than a memorable name. It's an awesome range of kid's plush toys that we are rather smitten with...

Every piece in this marvellous collection is hand-painted and hand-sewn, making each little character completely individual and unique. But amazingly, they all still feel part of the same family. This is thanks to the consistent monochromatic colours, linen-based materials and the overall eye-catching look of design. Very clever indeed.

Roxanna Webster is the designer and maker of Naked Lunge. She studied Fine Arts and Textiles and is currently based in Manchenster where she runs this small business, working with independent artists and makers.

If you live in London and like the look of these little fellows, you can join Roxanna for a workshop on how to make your very own plush doll using a range of beautiful Liberty fabrics and a SMUG inspired paint palette. What a fun afternoon that would make!

Check out the Naked Lunge website for more information.

21 Apr 2014
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Rocking Rabbit

Rock around the house on this racey rabbit number from Swedish design company Playsam. Sleek and glossy, this wooden delight is a nice twist on the traditional wooden horse rocker...

Available in three colours you will be hard pressed to pick a favourite! Playsam bring lovely design to the world. Check out their website to explore their full kids range.

20 Apr 2014