Travel Buddies

Whether you’re driving to the next suburb over, or flying high above the Atlanic, nothing beats traveling with a friend. So true is the fact, that when we discovered these special little fellows called Travel Buddies, we wanted to wind back the clock and begin our adventures all over again...

Mana’o Nani is a young, big-hearted brand for children hailing all the way from Poland. Collaborating with a pediatrician and child psychologist, the team created this cuddly creature from the insight that having a familiar toy on your journey will create a homely feeling and help children adapt to foreign lands.

The secret to the Travel Buddy is its teddy-like shape and a set of hidden magnets inside, which allow him to stick to seatbelts, fridges or even playground equipment. A cunning trick that children usually attribute to magic powers!

Each buddy is small and flat so it can be leaned on or slept on, as well as attached to clothing, prams or bikes. Even better, each comes with it’s own unique name, so he is yours and only yours.

Travel Buddies are available now in Choco Brown and Coco White from The Gathered Store.

06 Mar 2015