Many Faces

Creator Andy Rementer is based on the East Coast where he divides his time between drawing, cartooning, painting and animating. Faces is just one of his many creations. Face it, its awesome.

26 May 2013 facesvideo

Build a Face

Shusha Face Blocks

Shusha Toys was developed by two young parents who believe in the importance of developing skills in young children through play. With backgrounds in graphic design and architecture, they have developed a range of beautiful wooden toys that are all made in-house in Russia. This wonderful wooden face making set looks as good in the toy box as it does on the shelf.

26 May 2013 facestoys
Products we love

A Seat of Expression

Brut Cake is devoted to creating handcrafted, useful and functional pieces of art. Seeing treasure where others only see waste, Brut Cake strives to bring new life to discarded furniture and raw materials, making the ordinary become extraordinary. The outcome is a range of special one-off pieces, that tell their own story.

25 May 2013 faceshomewares