Wee You-Things

Wee You-Things is a fantastic interactive book designed to encourage children to appreciate differences. Wee Society has created a whole new crew of characters to celebrate "you-things", the things that make everyone uniquely special and like no one else in the world.

24 May 2013 apps

Face Rhythmz

This fantastic little clip was made by Joe Bichard, an animator and illustrator based in London. Switch to full screen and you will find yourself unable to look away.

22 May 2013 facesvideo


The Bu! is the next generation of blankies. Made from 100% cotton and doubling as a peekaboo blanket, the Bu! Is not only comfortable and cuddly, but also encourages imagination and interaction in young children. This is one cool blanket!

22 May 2013 faces
Art and Design

Creative Showcase - Mulga The Artist

Sydney based Mulga The Artist creates unforgettable artworks of the things he loves to draw; bearded zombies, zombie beards, and magical creatures with laser beam eyes. Originally Mulga worked in economics and finance, until he realised that making art was much more fun. And with a multitude of successful exhibitions under his belt, he has definitely made the right decision.

Brands we love

Happy Feet

Following the theme of "Between the shoes and pants", TPRBT has created their first collection of incredible socks. Ranging from crazy faces to fierce dragons, TPRBT promises to deliver enjoyable mornings and happiness in your life, with their humerous socks that will have happy feet walking out the door.

21 May 2013 facessocks

The Rubber Barber

Designed by Chen Lu Wei for Megawing, this fun collection of erasers means making mistakes is much more fun! The Rubber Barber is made up of four simple erasers, each with a different face set in a square head of hair. By using these erasers you take on the role of the barber, shaping their haridos as you work.

20 May 2013 faces