The Red Fox

Created entirely by hand, Flannery Fox is made from stuffed quilters muslin that has been painted and sanded to create an old leather effect. The details are painted using tiny brushes, and his arms and legs are button jointed making him fully posable. Like each of their limited edition pieces, Flannery Fox is signed, numbered and dated by Dylan and Jo, the husband-and-wife team behind Cart Before The Horse.

05 May 2013 foxestoys [comment_count]

The Paper Fox

The Paper Fox is a new interactive story for children being developed by Bento Box Interactive. Following the story of a know-it all fox as he heads off on an adventure through a strange and beautiful land, The Paper fox is full of puzzles and maps for children to interact with along the way. The stunning visuals are really what sets The Paper Fox apart, with all of the imagery created in digital origami paper-craft.

04 May 2013 foxestechnologyapps [comment_count]
Little Baby & Products we love

Sitting Pretty with Ovo

The Ovo high chair by Micuna fits perfectly into spaces of today, offering not only comfort and safety, but a design that will make it a timeless addition. With sleek, round lines, wooden legs, and optional fabric seat, it is a chair that translates well into contemporary living. The Ovo high chair comes in either navy or white, with four cushion colours to choose from, creating options to suit every interior.

04 May 2013 homewareshigh chairs [comment_count]
To see and do

Land of Kids

It was with big smiles that we stumbled across Land of Kids, a new Hackney based festival aimed at 2-12 year olds. Created by the same great minds behind the annual art and music festival, Land of Kings, this is sure to be a pretty incredible day out. There is just so much to see and do we don't know where to start...

03 May 2013 to see and do [comment_count]
Art and Design

Dreaming Worlds

What first draws you into Kristiana Parn's work, is the warmth and calmness that it exudes. Each piece starts as a bare wood panel, which is then slowly saturated with paint, forming areas of transparency where the grain of the wood shows through. The dream like worlds that become Kristiana's final work have an air of simplicity, and you can't help but wish you could escape into them for just a moment.

03 May 2013 foxesart and design [comment_count]

Gifts to Grow Into

These visually stunning images were shot by Thomas Klementsson for NK, a Stockholm based department store. Although they are from a few years ago, the images are still fresh and engaging, depicting unimpressed children receiving grown-up presents. Back then, NK wanted to encourage more contemporary gift giving for children. Rather than the usual silver spoons and golden charms, they wanted people to buy gifts that they would appreciate more over time. As part of this, they extended the return policy on selected gifts from 30 day to 30 years, allowing children time to grow into their gifts.

02 May 2013 photography [comment_count]