Art and Design

Tiny Trees

We are in love with these miniature woodlands from 2of2. Although they are too delicate for tiny hands to play with, they are still the perfect scene for little minds to create adventures in. With pale hues they are a delight to fill any empty shelf.

Art and Design

A Reflection of Colour

This stunning installation by renowned American artist Jeff Koons entitled 'Coloring Book', was created in 2011 for The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition. Made from high chromium stainless steel with a transparent colour coating, the sculpture takes on a seemingly transparent quality as it reflects the almost symmetrical architecture of its surroundings. An explosion of colour for the eyes.


A Party of Colours

If you love rainbows. And you love parties. Why not throw a Rainbow party! With bright decorations and fun food, a Rainbow Party is sure to be a day filled with delight. Here are some of our favourite ideas for the perfect rainbow party...

12 May 2013 rainbowsparties

A Slice of Rainbow

There is nothing more enjoyable than a slice of cake, especially one that is made of rainbows. This beautiful cake, from La Receta de la Felicidad, is as pleasurable to look at as it is to eat. When you slice through the billowing cloud icing, you uncover a dappled coloured sponge underneath. The only thing left to decide is how to divvy up the delicious sugared rainbow...

11 May 2013 rainbowsrecipe
Art and Design

The Density of Light

Gabriel Dawe is a Mexico born artist who creates beautiful installations out of delicate thread. Named Plexus, which refers to the body's network of nerves, his site specific installations seem to float in the spaces they inhabit, creating an air of calm. Using bright gradients of thread, which he gently strings up with geometric precision, he creates suspended hues of colour that seem to dance before the eyes...