A Slice of Rainbow

There is nothing more enjoyable than a slice of cake, especially one that is made of rainbows. This beautiful cake, from La Receta de la Felicidad, is as pleasurable to look at as it is to eat. When you slice through the billowing cloud icing, you uncover a dappled coloured sponge underneath. The only thing left to decide is how to divvy up the delicious sugared rainbow...

11 May 2013 rainbowsrecipe
Art and Design

The Density of Light

Gabriel Dawe is a Mexico born artist who creates beautiful installations out of delicate thread. Named Plexus, which refers to the body's network of nerves, his site specific installations seem to float in the spaces they inhabit, creating an air of calm. Using bright gradients of thread, which he gently strings up with geometric precision, he creates suspended hues of colour that seem to dance before the eyes...


Book - Rainbow In Your Hand

Rainbow In Your Hand is a flipbook that creates the illusion of a 3D rainbow in your hand. This amazing little book, designed by Masashi Kawamura, began as a personal project in 2007, before being noticed by a local bookstore that wanted to produce the book for the masses. Since then, Rainbow In Your Hand has won awards in both Japan and New York. Get ready to spend hours with this great little flip book, watching as a rainbow magically appears in your hands.

Art and Design

Kaleidoscope Eyes

Born in Miami, Jen Stark is a contemporary artist who works in paper, wood and other organic materials. Drawing inspiration from microscopic patterns in nature, Stark bases her work on replication and infinity, creating breathtaking colour spectrums that lure you in...


Birds of Colour

Captured by photography duo Nick and Chloé, this beautiful series of images entitled 'Birds' were created for Junior Magazine in 2012. With 80s futuristic inspired costumes and stunning paper props by Le Creative Sweatshop, child like flamingos, finches and parrots appear to leap off the pages. Working together since 2005, Nick and Chloé have created many shoots based around imaginary tales of childhood, bringing images full of colour to life on the page. Chloé says "The birds idea came out of a dream... both birds and kids await for the moment where they flap their wings and fly away."

To see and do

Ai-Ai Gasa - Exhibition

Ai-Ai Gasa, meaning 'to share an umbrella', is a joint exhibition between two amazing artists, Cat Rabbit & The Seven Seas. So inspired by a joint trip to Tokyo in the Winter of 2012, that they came home and created an abundance of beautiful works. Made up of collaborative and individual mixed media pieces, the exhibition features embroidered pictures, alpaca dolls, installations and drawings that reflect their two week stint in an amazing city. This must-see exhibition kicks off at No-Vacancy Gallery from 6pm tonight, and runs from the 10 - 19 May.