Build a Rainbow

Made up of a myriad of colours, Grimms Mini Magnet Game is the perfect travel toy, encouraging creativity with colour. The different shapes are made from wood that is stained with non-toxic, water-based paints, and sit on a magnet board so they can be easily re-arranged into different designs and patterns.

08 May 2013 toysrainbows
To see and do

Koskela Creative Workshops

Koskela is an Australian design company, located in a converted warehouse in Rosebery, Sydney. The beautiful space is filled with incredible artwork, homewares, custom furniture, children's toys and much more. For part of the space, they have set up a room filled to the brim with colour and inspiration, which is used to hold Creative Workshops. The classes are aimed at both adults and children, and range from creating geometric collages, basket weaving and even botanical printing, where children are encouraged to print their own wall paper! We were lucky enough to head along to a Felting Workshop at Koskela, and took a few snaps as the magic happened...

To shop

To Shop - Kid's Republic

Walking into Kid's Republic Book Store in Beijing, China, is like walking into a giant kaleidoscope of colour. With rainbow walkways flowing in all directions, and plush colour wheel carpets scattering the floors, you are delightfully surrounded in colours that pop as far as the eye can see. One of our favourite parts are the rainbow cubby holes that scatter the walls, creating little spaces for children to read in and let their imaginations run wild. Designed by architects Sako, Children's Republic provides the very best children's books and a relaxing reading environment to escape to.

To see and do

Book Reading - Oh No, George!

This Sunday award-winning writer and author Chris Haughton will be reading some of his wonderful stories as part of the Brighton Festival. Chris will be telling the story of a very naughty dog in Oh No, George! alongside some of his other well known stories. If you happen to be in Brighton this weekend, grab some tickets and head along. Or if, like us, you're not in Brighton this weekend, then why not grab a copy of this great book and hold your own book reading!

07 May 2013 books

Zoo in My Hand

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that bring the most joy. And this delightfully colourful book, designed by Sunkyung Kim, is definitely one of those things. Zoo In My Hand is made up of forty pages of coloured paper, each page containing an outline of a different animal with its name alongside. At first glance the book almost appears to be empty, but add a pair of scissors and watch the magic happen. A colourful menagerie pops up before your very eyes.

06 May 2013 booksrainbows

The First Taste

Little Gatherer were lucky enough to attend TEDx Sydney over the weekend and came away inspired by all the great thinkers and speakers who took to the stage. A series of short films played during intervals, and we just had to share this sweet little clip about the reactions of little mouths to their first encounters with new tastes.

06 May 2013 video
Products we love

The Colour Spectrum

Available in nearly every colour under the sun, these stunning Spectrum chairs and tables from Katoji bring colour and light to any setting. With natural wood legs set against tinted acrylic, light will dance and change as it filters through to the surfaces below. So good, you will want to take them everywhere with you.