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Fox Underfoot

These gorgeous felt animal rugs from Sew Heart Felt are made by shaping organic Tibetan wool with soap, water and hand pressure. They are then left to slowly dry under the Nepalese sun before friendly faces are skillfully needle felted to finish the cosy rugs. Designed in England and beautifully hand made in Kathmandu, the Sew Heart Felt collection provides sustainable, traditional work for women in rural Nepal.


F is for Fox

If this little fox video from Hank & Jona doesn't get you smiling, we don't know what will.

01 May 2013 foxesvideo
To stay

To Stay - Hotel Fox Copenhagen

Set in urban Copenhagen, the home of underground music and art, Hotel Fox is a reflection of the street and vice versa. It was created by 21 international artists who decorated the hotel just the way they wanted. In just a few short months, these young artists turned the traditional Copenhagen hotel into an artistic mecca. Each room tells it’s unique story and drags you into the artist’s universe. With 61 uniquely decorated rooms, you will definitely have 60 good reasons to return after your first visit.


32 Ways to Dress a Fox

32 Ways To Dress a Fox from Wee Gallery is the perfect sized book for little hands. Imaginations will be working overtime finding fun and creative ways to dress up a fox! Made from recycled paper this great little book can be easily packed for day trips and other outings. It is also a much safer way of finding out whether a fox will look better in pair of spotted pants or a striped skirt with braces...

30 Apr 2013 foxesbooks

Little Fox Music Box

The only thing that beats a fox that can sing and dance, is one that can play a tune on a teapot. In the wonderful sing-along songbook app Little Fox Music Box, you can join in the fun. As well as being able to belt out the songs, you can also enter Fox's Studio which is full of music making devices such as choir birds, croaking frogs and dangling metal spoons. And to top it all off, the characters and landscapes are simply beautiful. It does help that the app was put together by Oscar nominated designer Heidi Wittlinger...


Happy Plates

Based in Norway, Ida Skivenes has spent well over a year putting smiles on a lot of faces, by turning everyday breakfasts into beautiful art pieces. Every morning she creates worlds where jam toast foxes hang out next to kiwi fruit trees, and strawberry winged birds settle on branches laden with pomegranate. The idea began from Ida's strong belief that food should be fun, tasty and for the most part healthy. We definitely recommend having a look at more of Ida's plates of joy, on her instagram and blog Ida Frosk. Its the perfect way to bring a smile to breakfast.

29 Apr 2013 foxes

Friends with Clouds

Friends with Clouds Michael Casker

This beautiful series of photos by Michael Casker follows the story of a girl befriending a cloud and heading off on an adventure. 'Pet Cloud' captures special moments of the two interacting in different ways, from playing chess to sharing cotton candy. Be sure to click through to see more great shots of a girl and her pet cloud.

28 Apr 2013 cloudsphotography
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Bunking Down

I don't think I've ever met a child who didn't get excited at the idea of getting bunks. Whether it’s because they can climb up high and touch the roof, or snuggle in the cubby-like bottom bunk, they have a novelty that regular beds just don't have. We have put together a little spread on some of our favoutite bunks that are on the market at the moment. Click through to see more details...

28 Apr 2013 homewaresbunk beds

Fluffy McCloud

The most helpful little cloud you'll ever meet invites you to join him on a typically wonderful day. This little clip from Conor Finnegan is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

27 Apr 2013 cloudsvideo