Book Review - Home

Home is house in the country, or home is an apartment... Some homes are boats, or underground lairs... and some folks live on the road... Home by Carson Ellis leads you on a beautiful journey through what it means to have a home. Through the stunning illustrations you are transported to faraway lands, on bumbling buses, to lunar palaces, and deep sea castles...

You will visit a raccoon's hollow tree, an Atlantian's underwater palace, and even the home of a Japanese Businessman. This gorgeous book with its flowing storyline will bring wonder and joy to your little ones bedtime with a myriad of homes showing that no matter where you live it is still a home.

Author and illustrator Carson Ellis is best known for her illustration work for Wildwood book series, and artwork for the indie band The Decemberists.

Her work is stunningly beautiful with depth and colour that makes this book a real pleasure to read. I often find myself putting it at the top of the pile come bedtime as with every read you notice even more detail in the rich and vibrant pictures. It is definitely a favourite in our house.

You can find 'Home' for purchase over at The Gathered Store along with her other beautiful book 'Du Iz Tak?'.

08 May 2017
Carson Ellis

Book Review - An Alphabet In Bloom

Every page of this stunning book is filled with colour and hide and seek fun. A book without words, An Alphabet In Bloom explores a beautiful world filled with floral and fauna with each page inspired by a letter of the alphabet...

Created with gorgeous cut paper collages the illustrations are alive with colour, making them the perfect playground for your little one to explore. Hours of fun will be had hunting out all the alphabetical plants, animals, colours, numbers and objects waiting to be found.

Readers of all ages will fall in love with this book finding hours of fun within its pages. "Leave no leaf unturned as this wordless alphabet book becomes an intriguing identification game! What can you find on the "A" page that starts with "A"? What can you find on the "B" page that starts with "B"?"

Head over to the Home Grown Books website to see more stunning images of this book and to grab a copy of your very own.

29 Mar 2017

Little Poems About Big Feelings

What a wonderful world it would be if we could treat our emotions more like friends and less like enemies that we can't control... if we could feel at ease knowing that we can feel what we are feeling and know that it is not only ok but that we can also play a part in changing that feeling into another feeling altogether. 'Feel A Little' is a beautiful new book created by Jenny Palmer and Evie Kemp, and it sure to become a perfect sidekick for your little one getting to know their feelings and explaining how they feel...

What began as an online project quickly turned into something more as each emotion grew into a wonderful poem with a matching illustration. And so 'Feel A Little' was born, a bright and colourful book encouraging a stronger understanding of emotions from an early age.

Teaming up with 'Little Love' to publish this heartfelt project into a bright, beautiful hardback book, your little one is sure to enjoy meeting the many colourful emotions that live between its pages. And you can join the fun by heading on over to their Kick Starter Campaign to help bring this beautiful book to life!

"Feel A Little isn't JUST a super cute book, it's a whole toolbox for starting conversations about emotions from a young age." Show your support by getting behind this amazing book and getting your hands on a very special first edition hot off the press!

27 Mar 2017

Book Review - This Moose Belongs to Me

This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers is a divine and light-hearted tale about the concept of ownership. Wilfred is a little boy with lots of rules who likes to live an orderly life. One day he befriends a moose and names him Marcel. Then, Wilfred being Wilfred, he decides to set his new pet Marcel a strict set of rules to follow...

Most of the time Marcel is very obedient… he quietly listens to records with Wilfred and even helps him pick apples. But one day, deep in the woods, things start to go amiss when a little old lady claims that she in fact owns Marcel! Oh and you can only imagine the havoc that comes next…

Full of beautiful illustrations and handwritten copy, This Moose Belongs To Me is well worth a read. Purchase your very own copy here.

11 Feb 2017

Promptly Journals

Trying to capture your little ones childhood is overwhelming, with every detail seeming as important as the next. Then with the addition of baby brain and lack of sleep, it can be hard to figure out what to jot down on those looming blank pages. My little boy is now 7 months old and I am already looking back on what seems like a fleeting few months wishing I had written more... Which is exactly why I have fallen head over heels for Promptly Journals...

After the birth of her first daughter, Promptly Journals founder Jayne Swallow struggled to find a system to document her daughters life. With the mantra "Don't let the details be forgotten", Jayne went on to create the perfect journal to remember all the little things that make growing up so special. "I know the importance of journaling because I've already forgotten so much. I felt the guilt of not doing anything and knew I would regret it one day. And now with my second baby on the way, I knew I was running out of time to figure it out."

"I wanted a system that was doable - that I could start and finish completely. And not just with my first child, but for however many kids I have. A journal that was efficient but would record enough of the good details I never want to forget. I also wanted it ALL in one place." And so Promptly Journals was born.

With custom tailored prompts for every phase and year of your child’s life, Promptly Journals make recording quick, efficient and meaningful. Some of our favourites are “What is your toddler’s favorite thing to wear (and refuses to take off)? — Age 2 and "What is your teen’s favorite clothing brand?" — Age 14, two memories that are sure to set off fits of giggles in the years to come. We also love it how there is space to record all the less glamorous moments too, as sometimes those are the ones that make you smile the most.

Head over to the Promptly Journals website and get jotting before all those lovely memories fade. If you are anything like us you will already be struggling to remember what happened last Wednesday!

20 Jun 2016
baby book

Book Review - I Dare You Not to Yawn

Yawns are sneaky and can creep up on you when you least expect them. Be careful not to yawn or you will find yourself being sent upstairs to bed... I Dare You Not to Yawn is a hilarious book about a young boy who tries to avoid yawning for fear of having to go to sleep...

Readers are given tips to stop a yawn, such as, not making eye contact with anyone yawning, staying away from huggable stuffed animals and cosy pyjamas and ensuring you do not sing sleepy-time songs.

The brightly coloured, simplistic illustrations are highly effective in complementing the text and adding to the book’s humour. A set of white eyes appear on a black double page spread, with the accompanying text “How did I get here?”, creating one of many laugh-out-loud moments.

I Dare You Not to Yawn is recommended for readers aged 4 and over who will enjoy the hilarity found in familiar subject matter.

This book review was brought to you by our wonderful book contributor - Rebecca from The Little Reading Room. You can find more of Rebecca's great reviews over on her website.

10 Mar 2016

Book - Find Me A Castle

Find me a dinosaur, a bucket and a spade, Something to draw with, and pink lemonade. Find me some cheese with holes inside, A gecko, a lorikeet, a horse to ride...
The ever amazing Beci Orpin's first foray into children's books, Find Me A Castle, is just as amazing as you would expect...

Having already applied her amazing talents to a collection of books for grown ups, it was only a matter of time before Beci created one for the littlies.

Find Me A Castle is a fresh take on the classic look-and-find book. Filled with a gorgeous array of things to find, illustrated in Beci's gorgeous style, this book will keep little ones entertained for hours.

And just when you think you've found it all, you discover there is a castle waiting for you on every page. This gorgeous book is a must for your little ones bookshelf.

13 Sep 2015

Book - Under The Ocean

Sail from a busy port to the icy Arctic, through stormy seas into an idyllic sunset. But it's the incredible pop-out surprises waiting under the ocean that will delight you most...

This stunning pop-up book 'Under The Ocean' by Anouck Boisrobert & Louis Rigaud is beautifully executed and will surprise and delight little readers with every page.

11 Aug 2015

Mighty Twenty

No matter where in the world you live, there are certain rights of passage all children must go through. One of those universal milestones is losing your baby teeth - a time when kids are really growing up. The clever folk at Mighty Twenty have created a range of fun products celebrating this exciting step and offering unique ways to capture these stories and memories...

Based in New York, Mighty Twenty are dedicated to making memorable and thoughtful keepsake products for this important coming of age milestone.

Their book 'Where do the baby teeth go?' explains the traditions surrounding baby teeth all around the world.

Back in 2006, Vilasinee started making milestone pillows for her young friends. They were no ordinary tooth fairy pillows, they came with personalised 20 "tooth tracker cards" for tracking memories and their baby teeth. Part sentimental and educational, these pillows and cards combo became one of the most memorable gifts for kids - they literally grew up with them.

Fast forward 5 years, Vilasinee went to live in Indonesia, traveled to Africa and the Middle East and started sketching the ideas for Mighty Twenty. The company was officially launched in 2014.

When you are next in need of a gift for a little person who is soon to start losing their chompers or want to get something to celebrate your own child losing their first teeth, Mighty Twenty has the perfect array of gifts to celebrate this special time.

18 Jun 2015

Read by the light of the Moon...

There is nothing quite like snuggling up under the covers reading bedtime stories in the moonlight. And this beautifully illustrated board book from Home Grown Books perfectly captures the lights we see at night...

Children will marvel at the many ways light shines, glows, and flashes in the night with this perfect bedtime book.

The book features 12 pages of stunning, full colour oil paintings by artist Sara Woster and is printed on 100% recycled paperboard.

Check out more great Home Grown Books over on their website.

16 Jun 2015