Book - Find Me A Castle

Find me a dinosaur, a bucket and a spade, Something to draw with, and pink lemonade. Find me some cheese with holes inside, A gecko, a lorikeet, a horse to ride...
The ever amazing Beci Orpin's first foray into children's books, Find Me A Castle, is just as amazing as you would expect...

Having already applied her amazing talents to a collection of books for grown ups, it was only a matter of time before Beci created one for the littlies.

Find Me A Castle is a fresh take on the classic look-and-find book. Filled with a gorgeous array of things to find, illustrated in Beci's gorgeous style, this book will keep little ones entertained for hours.

And just when you think you've found it all, you discover there is a castle waiting for you on every page. This gorgeous book is a must for your little ones bookshelf.

13 Sep 2015