Book - Fingerprint Art

We haven’t looked at our fingers the same since stumbling across Marion Deuchar’s book Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art. No longer do we see a set of thumbs, pointers and pinkies, instead a marvellous circus of tap-dancing stalks, bashful monsters and balloon-wielding octopi...

Marion Deuchars has an impressive background in art - illustrating book covers for Penguin and designing stamps for the Royal Shakespeare Company - so there is no wonder why she has been able to take fingerprint art to a whole new level.

Packed full of weird and wonderful creatures to create, along with simple instructions and plenty of practice space, this is one of the best children’s activity books out there. The arrangement of the book and the artwork itself is so beautiful that you would be forgiven for leaving it on your coffee table for casual browsing. But then again, that’s not exactly likely - after flicking through from cover-to-cover just once, we guarantee that your fingers will be itching to dance across the nearest ink pad and begin creating their own curious tale of printed amazingness.

Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art is available to purchase from amazon.

20 Jul 2013