Book - Iggy Peck Architect

Iggy Peck, Architect is the tale of a boy who was born to build. Since the age of two Iggy would stack any object he could get his hands on into incredible towers and sweeping arches, as his parents looked on with pride. Iggy was shocked when his second grade teacher firmly stated her dislike for architecture and banned all reference to it in class....

Not about to give up on his dream, Iggy gets his chance to prove just how important the art of building can be. Children will learn the value of staying true to your dream, no matter what gets in their way and that if you believe in yourself, others will too.

Filled with David Robert's gorgeous illustrations and Andrea Beaty's catchy rhyming text, Iggy Peck, Architect is a delight to read for both children and parents.

03 Aug 2013