Book Review - Home

Home is house in the country, or home is an apartment... Some homes are boats, or underground lairs... and some folks live on the road... Home by Carson Ellis leads you on a beautiful journey through what it means to have a home. Through the stunning illustrations you are transported to faraway lands, on bumbling buses, to lunar palaces, and deep sea castles...

You will visit a raccoon's hollow tree, an Atlantian's underwater palace, and even the home of a Japanese Businessman. This gorgeous book with its flowing storyline will bring wonder and joy to your little ones bedtime with a myriad of homes showing that no matter where you live it is still a home.

Author and illustrator Carson Ellis is best known for her illustration work for Wildwood book series, and artwork for the indie band The Decemberists.

Her work is stunningly beautiful with depth and colour that makes this book a real pleasure to read. I often find myself putting it at the top of the pile come bedtime as with every read you notice even more detail in the rich and vibrant pictures. It is definitely a favourite in our house.

You can find 'Home' for purchase over at The Gathered Store along with her other beautiful book 'Du Iz Tak?'.