Book Review - This Moose Belongs to Me

This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers is a divine and light-hearted tale about the concept of ownership. Wilfred is a little boy with lots of rules who likes to live an orderly life. One day he befriends a moose and names him Marcel. Then, Wilfred being Wilfred, he decides to set his new pet Marcel a strict set of rules to follow...

Most of the time Marcel is very obedient… he quietly listens to records with Wilfred and even helps him pick apples. But one day, deep in the woods, things start to go amiss when a little old lady claims that she in fact owns Marcel! Oh and you can only imagine the havoc that comes next…

Full of beautiful illustrations and handwritten copy, This Moose Belongs To Me is well worth a read. Purchase your very own copy here.

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