Mighty Twenty

No matter where in the world you live, there are certain rights of passage all children must go through. One of those universal milestones is losing your baby teeth - a time when kids are really growing up. The clever folk at Mighty Twenty have created a range of fun products celebrating this exciting step and offering unique ways to capture these stories and memories...

Based in New York, Mighty Twenty are dedicated to making memorable and thoughtful keepsake products for this important coming of age milestone.

Their book 'Where do the baby teeth go?' explains the traditions surrounding baby teeth all around the world.

Back in 2006, Vilasinee started making milestone pillows for her young friends. They were no ordinary tooth fairy pillows, they came with personalised 20 "tooth tracker cards" for tracking memories and their baby teeth. Part sentimental and educational, these pillows and cards combo became one of the most memorable gifts for kids - they literally grew up with them.

Fast forward 5 years, Vilasinee went to live in Indonesia, traveled to Africa and the Middle East and started sketching the ideas for Mighty Twenty. The company was officially launched in 2014.

When you are next in need of a gift for a little person who is soon to start losing their chompers or want to get something to celebrate your own child losing their first teeth, Mighty Twenty has the perfect array of gifts to celebrate this special time.

18 Jun 2015