A Not So Scary Read

The perfect way to introduce your toddler to the world of classic literature, BabyLit books condense well known tales into fun and beautifully illustrated stories your little one will love. Dracula and Frankenstein are two perfect examples that introduce your child to these two famous characters without the scary bits! We highly recommend checking out their whole collection.

01 Nov 2014

'A Forest' By Marc Martin

This gorgeous book by Australian illustrator Marc Martin, tells the story of a forest and what happens when people become greedy and take more than they should. Yet despite this, the book is still filled with hope, pinned on just one little tree...

There once was a forest, then a person came along and cut down a tree. Then people became greedy and brought in trucks and power saws and stopped replacing the trees they had cut down. Buildings were built where the trees used to be, the weather changed and people began to suffer. But there was still hope...

Using a combination of watercolour, ink, pencil, textures and computer graphics, the beautiful illustrations perfectly bring the story to life. You can get your own copy of 'A Forest' here.

07 Aug 2014

Castles in the Sky

As you flick through the pages of Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air by Philip Jodidio, you will be met with lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ and just all round, general amazement...

Childhood fantasy meets grown-up savoir faire, this book is a tour of the 50 most stunning and awe-inspiring tree houses from around the world. Some are designed by architects and others are constructed by unknown craftsmen. But each is equally amazing.

There’s a teahouse in a tree house, a restaurant, a hotel and playhouses for children, each beautifully constructed and demonstrating that a tree can take as many forms as the imagination can dream up.

Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air by Philip Jodidio is published in multiple languages and is available to purchasehere.

06 Aug 2014
tree houses

Logical Colour

How many children’s books do you get to the end of and want to turn straight back to the beginning? It might be a nightly occurrence for your children, but what about you? Amsterdam based graphic designer Rop van Mierlo manages to achieve that child-like eagerness within big folk too with his colourful books...

Every time we read them, we are left wanting more. Inside there are no words, just beautiful colourful paintings of animals created by Mierlo’s free-spirited wet-on-wet painting style.

Remarkably every one of the fuzzy watercolour outlines is completely recognisable as their intended character. A hissing snake, a stalking tiger and a big starring bear… these are just a few of the wild animals you will discover when flicking through either of his charming books Wild Animals and Some Logic.

26 Jun 2014

Book - Lines That Wiggle

We can't get enough of Steve Wilson's book Lines that Wiggle, one of two children's books he's produced. Filled with his quirky illustrations this has to be one of our all time favourites...

Beautifully illustrated and embellished with raised, glittering inks, the book follows a continuous winding line that turns itself into all sorts of things...

From crazy webs and tickling whiskers to piles of spaghetti and creepy crawlies... lines can be found anywhere.

We highly recommend adding Lines that Wiggle and the equally clever Shapes That Roll to your book collection.

28 Apr 2014
lines and stripes

Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book

Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book is an absolute classic that is as amusing now as it was when it was first printed back in 1994. Filled with hilarious illustrations of fairies and goblins that have been snapped shut within it's pages, this book will have your child (and you!) utterly fascinated...

The book is said to be a reproduction of the diary of Lady Angelica Cottington, who it claims, took the famous photograph of fairies that was authenticated by Conan Doyle (but later discredited).

Lady Cottington was determined to prove the existence of fairies so decided to capture the little sprites within the pages of her notebook as evidence.

The book is a record of what she found, the 'psyhic' images of fairies who made a game out of leaping between her closing pages, trying to create the most outrageous poses.

This is one book every child needs on their bookshelf and would be the perfect thing to put under the Christmas tree, available at Amazon.

06 Dec 2013

Book - 'Pinxit' by Mark Ryden

American painter Mark Ryden is known by many in the art world as the god-father of pop surrealism, and looking at the exquisite images in the Pinxit artwork book there is no wondering why...

Seduced, dazzled or dazed, you always feel something when looking at Ryden’s work. His meticulously detailed and perfectly glazed surfaces leave you feeling torn between a sense of childhood innocence and something more mysterious and haunting that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Pinxit is a beautiful book showcasing the amazing artworks of Mark Ryden.

It is available to purchase here.

23 Sep 2013
art and design

Book - Alice for Littleland

We adore this sweet little Alice In Wonderland board book from BabyLit. Edited down into simple text by Jennifer Adams and beautifully Illustrated by Alison Oliver, it is the perfect way to introduce your little one to the delightful tale of Alice and Wonderland...

The book is part of a larger series of baby Lit books based on much loved classics such as Pride & Prejudice, The Jungle Book and The Wizard Of Oz. We love them all!

23 Sep 2013

Book - I Want My Hat Back

I Want My Hat Back is without a doubt one of our all time favourite kids books. As rewarding to read for parents as it is for their children, it's subversive humor and simple illustrations make it fun to read over and over again...

A bear misplaces his red pointed hat and goes in search of it, meeting an oddball group of animals along the way...

It's not till he gets to the end of his search that it dawns on him he knows where it is after all. This really is a rather unique kids book with an unexpected twist and slightly dark humour but kids just love it. You can buy your very own copy here. And we also recommend the sequels This Is Not My Hat and We Found A Hat.

25 Aug 2013

Book - The Monster Who Lost His Mean

When this little monster looses his 'M' and discovers he is now an 'Onster', he tries desperately to get his 'M'ean back. But as he struggles his way through attempts to prove his monsterness, he succeeds in discovering that it is who you are, not what you're called, that really matters. The monster who lost his mean is a cleverly written and delightfully rhyming tale about a little monster discovering who he really is...

Your children will be captivated by the clever story and beautiful illustrations, while at the same time learning about peer pressure and the need to accept yourself just the way you are...

The monster who lost his mean is a must for any bookshelf.

06 Aug 2013