Book - Iggy Peck Architect

Iggy Peck, Architect is the tale of a boy who was born to build. Since the age of two Iggy would stack any object he could get his hands on into incredible towers and sweeping arches, as his parents looked on with pride. Iggy was shocked when his second grade teacher firmly stated her dislike for architecture and banned all reference to it in class....

Not about to give up on his dream, Iggy gets his chance to prove just how important the art of building can be. Children will learn the value of staying true to your dream, no matter what gets in their way and that if you believe in yourself, others will too.

Filled with David Robert's gorgeous illustrations and Andrea Beaty's catchy rhyming text, Iggy Peck, Architect is a delight to read for both children and parents.

03 Aug 2013

Book - Fingerprint Art

We haven’t looked at our fingers the same since stumbling across Marion Deuchar’s book Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art. No longer do we see a set of thumbs, pointers and pinkies, instead a marvellous circus of tap-dancing stalks, bashful monsters and balloon-wielding octopi...

Marion Deuchars has an impressive background in art - illustrating book covers for Penguin and designing stamps for the Royal Shakespeare Company - so there is no wonder why she has been able to take fingerprint art to a whole new level.

Packed full of weird and wonderful creatures to create, along with simple instructions and plenty of practice space, this is one of the best children’s activity books out there. The arrangement of the book and the artwork itself is so beautiful that you would be forgiven for leaving it on your coffee table for casual browsing. But then again, that’s not exactly likely - after flicking through from cover-to-cover just once, we guarantee that your fingers will be itching to dance across the nearest ink pad and begin creating their own curious tale of printed amazingness.

Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art is available to purchase from amazon.

20 Jul 2013

Book - How to Catch a Star

How to Catch a Star is an amazing book from the incredible Oliver Jeffers, following a boy on his quest to catch a star of his very own...

Every night the boy stands at his window watching the stars and wishing... if only he had a star, they would make such great friends and have wonderful adventures together. So with this dream, he sets out in search of a star, but catching one proves harder than he thought.

Children will just love this sweet tale about a boy and his star, and grown ups won't mind reading it a hundred times either. Get your own lovely copy here.

14 Jul 2013

Book - The Pirate Cruncher

'I was sailing along and what did I see? An island of GOLD in the scurvy sea! But there’s one small thing I forgot to share — there’s also a MONSTER waiting there'...
In a tavern bustling with salty old seadogs, a travelling fiddler tells a tale of an island bursting with hidden treasure. But it's not till they set sail that he decides to mention that the island is also guarded by a terrible pirate cruncher...

Pirates being pirates, they are undeterred by mention of this mysterious beast and continue on their quest for treasure. The Pirate Cruncher is filled to the brim with pirates, parrots, sea shanties and a surprising twist waiting on the final page.

07 Jul 2013

To Read a Bird

We adore kids books and just had to share our favourite collection of bird inspired books on the market at the moment. These beautifully illustrated tales would make perfect additions to any mini-bookshelf...

This amazingly creative and colourful pop-up book Funny Birds is filled with 14 beautifully crafted exotic birds. Paper artist Philippe UG uses his extraordinary talent to bring to life an avian paradise, every turn of the page greeting you with a bright new feathered surprise. Anyone who loves beautiful design, whether young or old, will be enchanted by this exquisitely crafted book.

In Counting Birds, children are playfully taught to count by following a menagerie of birds through the journey of a day. From the early morning call of a lone cockerel, through to the sun setting upon two lovebirds in a cage, illustrator Alice Melvin takes you on a beautifully designed journey through numbers.

Acclaimed illustrator Jean-Luc Fromental has created an instant classic with 365 Penguins, an imaginative and wonderfully illustrated book. On the first day of the year, a family receives a surprise delivery, a penguin from a mysterious sender. Then every day after, for 365 consecutive days, they receive another penguin, the birds slowly filling their house until they are forced to spend a cold New Years Eve on their front lawn. With bold and simple illustrations that feel almost retro, combined with basic maths concepts, this story will not only entertain your child, but educate them too.

Oscar Bolton Green’s Bird Beak Book presents an informative yet fun overview of why bird's beaks are shaped the way they are. His clear-cut line drawings perfectly demonstrate how a pelicans uses it's big beak to scoop up fish, that a crossbills beak is crossed so it can crush pine cones and how a hummingbird stretches into a flower to reach the sweet nectar within. This simple yet beautiful book is as easy to follow as it is interesting.

Teach young ones the importance of acceptance with Crow, a beautifully illustrated tale about a crow that wants to fit in and tries to do so by painting his feathers different colours. When he only succeeds in scaring all the other birds away, you learn that being unique is a good thing and we should appreciate each other for who we are.

One of Little Gatherers personal all time favourite books has to be Chris Haughton's A Bit Lost. Read to Frankie and Ed at bedtime hundreds of times, this book never looses it's touch. A sweet little tale about a bird that falls from it's nest then tries to find it's mummy with the help of a slightly confused little squirrel, this story is brought to life through the most gorgeous, colourful illustrations. An absolute must have for any kids book collection and the perfect gift for little ones.

22 Jun 2013

Book - 'Find & Keep' by Beci Orpin

We absolutely love the wonderful workings of Beci Orpin, and were delighted to stumble across Find & Keep, Beci's first book of fun DIY projects...

Filled with 26 individual craft ideas, Find & Keep will find you toiling away for hours on bright and colourful goodies to fill your home. Beci has added a personal touch to the book with images of her workspace, family and home and has created the perfect set of child-friendly projects for a rainy day. Published by Hardie Grant and featuring photography by Chris Middleton, this is one book that your bookshelf is just begging to own.

All images are out of 'Find & Keep'.

30 May 2013
beci orpin
spots and dots

Book - Rainbow In Your Hand

Rainbow In Your Hand is a flipbook that creates the illusion of a 3D rainbow in your hand. This amazing little book, designed by Masashi Kawamura, began as a personal project in 2007, before being noticed by a local bookstore that wanted to produce the book for the masses. Since then, Rainbow In Your Hand has won awards in both Japan and New York. Get ready to spend hours with this great little flip book, watching as a rainbow magically appears in your hands.

10 May 2013
art and design

Zoo in My Hand

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that bring the most joy. And this delightfully colourful book, designed by Sunkyung Kim, is definitely one of those things. Zoo In My Hand is made up of forty pages of coloured paper, each page containing an outline of a different animal with its name alongside. At first glance the book almost appears to be empty, but add a pair of scissors and watch the magic happen. A colourful menagerie pops up before your very eyes.

06 May 2013

32 Ways to Dress a Fox

32 Ways To Dress a Fox from Wee Gallery is the perfect sized book for little hands. Imaginations will be working overtime finding fun and creative ways to dress up a fox! Made from recycled paper this great little book can be easily packed for day trips and other outings. It is also a much safer way of finding out whether a fox will look better in pair of spotted pants or a striped skirt with braces...

30 Apr 2013